7 heart-healthy drinks

Published on:28 February 2022, 12:12pm IST

Give your heart the gift of life with these seven heart-healthy sippers. Trust us, these drinks can prove to be miracle elixirs for your heart in every way.

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Coffee: Zapped? Well, there is no need to be, because it is a proven fact that if you nosh on coffee in moderation, it can be one of the most beneficial drinks. What is moderate intake? Well, 2 cups a day, without sugar and dairy is what you need to keep your heart up and running. This is because coffee is loaded with antioxidants that help in repairing cells. Just in case you or someone suffers from hypertension, they should give the coffee a skip. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Green juice: Take any veggie that’s green in colour, add it into the blender, and voila, your green juice is ready. This drink is definitely high on fibre, iron, and calcium – thanks to the green team. These nutrients will help in reducing the inflammation in your body and your heart will stay forever young! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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ABC juice: Apple, beetroot, and carrot juice is what we recommend for you. If you are not a fan of the above-mentioned drinks, you will love this one for sure because it tastes yum. Apart from antioxidants, your heart’s daily requirement of iron, folates, and potassium is fulfilled to the T. And no points for guessing that your heart needs all of these in abundance. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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It might come as a surprise but yes, hibiscus water can do the magic trick for your hair. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Matcha tea: Well, you know that matcha tea is great for weight loss because it helps in reducing bad cholesterol levels in your body. If bad cholesterol is down, it will automatically impact your heart positively. According to studies, matcha tea with epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is what you need to consume for your heart. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Papaya juice: Heard of lycopene? Well, papaya is loaded with it and of course, this is what your heart needs for shiz. Lycopene has the properties that improve blood flow. It has been found that drinking papaya juice on a regular basis will help in reducing heart-related mortalities by a big margin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Pomegranate juice: Apart from polyphenols and other micronutrients, pomegranates are packed with special antioxidants that are known to reduce blockage in the arteries. They also help in keeping the arteries soft and the blood flow in check. Image courtesy: Shutterstock