7 habits to avoid while battling obesity

Published on:24 November 2021, 17:04pm IST
Obesity is a concern that has taken a serious turn over the past few years. It can lead to reduced mobility and stamina, knee pain, and other health issues. Avoiding these poor lifestyle habits is the key to preventing obesity.
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While skipping meals occasionally might not have an adverse impact on your health, making a habit out of it can raise other health issues. Remember that skipping meals is actually detrimental to your health and fitness because it can result in nutrient deficiency. Also, this habit is not going to help in weight loss.... Read More

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The majority of us are guilty of this, aren't we? If you're dealing with obesity, drink as much water as you can. If you drink less water, your gut health will be compromised for s ure. This may lead to a low metabolism rate and ultimately weight gain will take place!... Read More

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Sugar in moderation might not harm you but if you over consume this sweet devil, your health may go for a toss. Sugar consumption is a major cause of obesity and other chronic dise ases like diabetes. The best way is to substitute it with foods like honey, jaggery, stevia, and molasses.... Read More

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Long sitting hours due to your desk job? You could end up with obesity. Weight gain and lowered metabolism is a major consequence of sitting all the time and low level of physical inactivity. But ladies, you can manage this by compensating your sitting time with physical activity. So start with 30 minutes of jogging or skipping rope regularly.... Read More

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Sleeping properly can help you get beautiful skin, a healthy body, and peace of mind. But oversleeping is linked with diseases like diabetes, heart ailments, and other medical cond itions including obesity. In fact, sleeping too little could also make you gain weight. So, sleep properly.... Read More

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The reason behind your stress doesn't matter because whatever makes you stressed, will make you fat as well. Shocked? Well, that's true! It's natural to be worried about weight gai n, but mental health ailments make you more prone to developing obesity or may contribute to weight gain, so resist the urge to overthink or feel scared.... Read More

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If you're concerned about your weight gain, you have to follow a workout routine properly because there's no other way around to help you. Adding physical activity to your daily ro utine allows you to burn more calories than merely dieting alone. Make sure you get into strength and resistance training with your daily workout.... Read More