7 foods to avoid this monsoon

Updated on:22 June 2022, 19:18pm IST

We all love to binge on our favourite snacks during the monsoon, don’t we? But all excellent things come at a price. So, for the sake of your health, remember these 7 foods to avoid in monsoon.


Seafood and fish: Fish typically reproduce during the monsoon season, which renders fish and seafood vulnerable to being carriers. There is a higher risk of water contamination during this time. Therefore, it is better to refrain from consuming shellfish and fish during the monsoon. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


Fried and oily foods: Surely the ideal meal on a monsoon evening consists of a steaming platter of tantalizing pakora and bhajiyas and a cup of chai, isn’t it? But only if one wants to suffer from acidity and attract digestive difficulties, since many of these dishes create bloating and upset the stomach. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


Dairy products: It is recommended to consume dairy products in moderation during the monsoon season as the digestive system becomes very sensitive to sedentary lifestyle or digestive problems. Those with sinusitis should avoid dairy products like curd, as this can make their cough and cold worse. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


Pre-cut fruits: So to keep away from that, it is prudent to not eat natural products or vegetables that are sold by the side of the road sellers as they cut the organic products ahead of time. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


Green leafy vegetables are high in iron. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


Street Food: Roadside Chinese food ought to be kept away from any season! But you should especially be cautious about consuming it in the rainy season. Image courtesy: Shutterstock


Raw or undercooked food: Eating raw food gives you immediate access to germs that can eventually harm your health. Meals are cooked to help kill dangerous microorganisms. As a result, the peak season for bacterial and viral infections is when raw and uncooked food are consumed. Image courtesy: Shutterstock