Beware of these signs of a toxic relationship!

Published on:9 February 2023, 01:45pm IST

Are you in a healthy or toxic relationship? The only way to know that is through noticing the right flags of an unhealthy relationship. Scroll down to know the signs of a toxic relationship.

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Signs of a toxic relationship: If you are in a toxic relationship, all you can think about, especially during Valentine's day, is how to make things work. In the process, you don'teven realize how toxic the relationship is. If you have been facing the same issue, here are some signs of a toxic relationship you should know. Image Courtesy: Freepik

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Jealousy: Some jealousy in a relationship is manageable, but too much jealousy or envy in any relationship can be toxic. Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship, which can be ruined by jealousy. If you are too jealous all the time, you should reconsider your relationship before snowballs into something toxic and irreparable. Image Courtesy: Freepik

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Controlling behaviour: Does your partner control everything you do? Does your partner ask you where you are going all the time? Does your partner get annoyed when you don't answertexts or calls? These questions and actions may lead to jealousy or lack of trust, or it could be due to the urge to control you. Whatever the reason, it could exacerbate the toxicity of a relationship. Image Courtesy: Freepik

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Dishonesty: Whether you're being completely dishonest or making up lies every now and then to get out of spending time with your partner, dishonesty at any level can be toxic in arelationship. Also, if you're too afraid, to be honest with your partner, it's not the healthiest relationship you are in. Image Courtesy: Freepik

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Toxic communication: Does every communication with your partner feel like a stressful event? Most of your conversations are laced with sarcasm and criticism, generally driven by disrespect. There will come a point where you start to ridicule them and ensure conflicts. You will even start avoiding their calls, which is definitely not a good sign of a healthy relationship. Image Courtesy: Freepik

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No support from your partner: A healthy relationship is all about seeing each other succeed in life. But in a toxic relationship, that feeling does not exist. Instead, you feel contempt or negative or discouraged. Plus, you can't expect your partner to show up for you or care about your interests in a toxic relationship. Image Courtesy: Freepik

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Constant stress: What once felt like a romantic getaway from the stresses of life, now feels too stressful to handle. From your job to your family, several responsibilities come inbetween a relationship which can sometimes lead to bitterness in your life. If you feel mentally and physically exhausted in your relationship, instead of feeling energised, you need to rethink your relationship. Image Courtesy: Freepik