6 signs that your body is crying for help

Published on:21 February 2022, 09:00am IST

Is your body acting funny lately? Oops, this shouldn’t be ignored ladies. Just fix up an appointment with yourself right away to tally these body signs that say a lot about your health.

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Leg cramps: Do you also experience painful leg cramps while walking or in the middle of the night? If yes, you must tackle it right away. This happens majorly due to two reasons – one if your body is dehydrated and two, your body is deficient in magnesium. Apart from drinking 6 to 7 glasses of water, you must also include spinach, banana, and tomatoes in your diet to up the magnesium in your body. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More


Dry skin: Remember, if your skin is going dry and you don’t correct it ASAP, it will lead to premature ageing. Yes, wrinkles and pigmentations happen earlier on dry skin. This happ ens because your body lacks vitamin E. Add fish or cod liver oil to your diet. You can also apply vitamin E oil and massage your skin on a regular basis. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

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Craving for cold food, especially ice: Ice craving might sound weird but there are a few who kind of crave it. This happens to those who are anemic which means those who are defici ent in iron. Basically, staying tired is one of the signs of anemia and according to experts, when you are tired you crave things like ice. Strange but true! Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

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Brittle nails: If your nails keep on breaking, this is a way of your body telling you that it needs biotin, protein, and zinc. So try including foods like eggs, seeds, nuts, cottag e cheese, milk, and whole grains in your diet. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

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Waking up tired: At times it may be due to oversleeping but if you feel like this daily, it definitely means that your body is under stress. Both mentally and physically. Try sleep ing for 6 to 7 hours and use some tips that induce sleep, for example, aromatherapy, reducing screen time (especially right before you sleep), massage from essential oils, etc. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

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Irritability: If you are losing your temper and get irritated at the drop of a hat, it means your body desperately needs potassium and magnesium. Insufficient rest and workload can also be responsible for this state of yours. So get it fixed before it is too late. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More