6 hydrating summer drinks besides water

Published on:4 April 2022, 09:00am IST

Water is not THE only hydration bud this summer. There are many other concoctions that you can experiment with, to keep your electrolyte levels in check.

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Shikanji: Nothing on this planet can replace shikanji or lemonade when you need something refreshing, along with an instant boost of energy. Shikanji is one of the best summer drin ks that doesn’t just quench your thirst, but the black salt, lemon juice, and peppermint in it will keep your body temperature in check. Image courtesy: Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

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Watermelon juice: If you want summer to treat you well, don’t let go of any seasonal fruit, especially watermelon. Watermelon is one of the most nutritious summer fruits. It is loa ded with fibre, so it keeps your gut in check. It also has a high water content, so you don’t get dehydrated. At the same time, it also keeps the electrolyte levels of your body in check and saves you from the harsh effects of loo. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

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Coconut water: Why go for an aerated energy drink when you have coconut water right by your side? If you go by the content of aerated drinks, whatever they are pledging to give you , you’ll get more from coconut and the best part is everything is 100% natural. Coconut water has all the important minerals that are required by your body during the summer season. Also, the nutrients in coconut water also protect your skin and hair from the harsh sun rays. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

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Bael juice: Gut problems are very prominent during the summer season, but not if you are an avid drinker of bael juice. Bael is another summer fruit that has everything your body n eeds during summer. It is loaded with fibre, vitamins, and of course minerals. Apart from taking care of your gut, it is known to protect your skin from all sorts of infections. It is great for diabetics too, and keeps summer-related allergies at bay. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

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Chaach/buttermilk: We can’t leave behind the good old buttermilk, while talking about hydration and nutrition. Chaach aka buttermilk is loaded with probiotics that keep your gut he alth in check. As it is a lighter fluid-based drink, it is easy to digest, maintains your body temperature, and keeps you refreshed. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

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Aam panna: Continuing the refreshing spree, we have aam panna in the house people. This is another cooler that can help you beat summer. It is the yummiest and most nutritious alte rnative to colas and aerated drinks. As it is rich in vitamin C, it also helps in boosting your immunity. Other additions that complete this concoction include mint leaves, salt, cumin powder, etc, which help in maintaining your body’s electrolyte levels. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More