6 high sodium foods that make your blood pressure levels shoot up

Published on:27 January 2023, 10:18am IST

You must already be aware that you should avoid high-sodium foods like French fries! But there are some less obvious food that you love but can cause your blood pressure levels to rise to dangerous levels.

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High sodium foods and high blood pressure: Your body retains water when you consume salt. When you eat too much, the additional water in your blood puts more pressure on the wallsof your blood vessels, causing your blood pressure to rise. So, it can be worse for people who already suffer from hypertension. Cutting back on table salt can help, but there are other foods that often enjoy that can take cause your blood pressure to rise. Avoid the following high-sodium foods to keep your blood pressure levels in control. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Ketchup: Do you love decorating your sandwiches with ketchup? Well, this condiment contains loads of sodium in it. As per data from several health authorities, ketchup contains about 150 mg of sodium per tablespoon, which can be harmful. So, the next time you want to pour ketchup on your food, think about your blood pressure levels. It is better to use natural ingredients such as lemon juice, fresh herbs, ground pepper, etc. to add some flavour to your dishes. Image courtesy: Freepik

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Dairy Products: While not all dairy products are bad for your health, there are certain products like cottage cheese, buttermilk, and processed cheese that are high in sodium. Thepurpose of cottage cheese is to enhance the texture and taste of the dish, which is why it's difficult to find one that is low in sodium. You can have it once in a while if you're healthy. However, for someone with hypertension, it is better to avoid it. Image Courtesy: Freepik

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Sandwiches: Is sandwich your go-to morning, lunch, and sometimes quick evening snack that can't get enough of? Unfortunately, your classic sandwich is not the healthiest for you, especially if you suffer from high blood pressure. Since sandwiches are a combination of plenty of different things like cheese, processed meat, bread, and other condiments, they can be extremely high in sodium. However, you can cut back on salt by adding healthy ingredients like grilled chicken, healthy veggies, fresh herbs, etc. Image courtesy: Freepik

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Pizzas, pastas and salads can be sprinkled with parmesan cheese as this will increase their nutritional content. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Macaroni and cheese: Is it your favourite comfort food that you can make in a jiffy? Turns out, it is not the best for people who are trying to control their sodium intake. The cheese sauce in your macaroni makes it a high-sodium food that you must avoid. If you still want to eat once in a while, try a whole grain version and add some fresh vegetables such as broccoli and spinach. Image Courtesy: Adobe Stock

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Kosambri is a healthy salad perfect for Ugadi! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock