5 weight loss diets followed by Hollywood celebs

Updated on:18 November 2022, 05:20pm IST

Some people seek fitspiration from celebrities to lose weight. Here are 5 weight loss diets followed by Hollywood celebs such as Rebel Wilson, Kim Kardashian and Adele, and know if they are safe.

Rebel Wilson's Mayr Method 1/5

Rebel Wilson: Rebel Wilson impressed her fans when she dropped nearly 33 pounds at the end of 2016, doling out some serious fitspiration. A balance of workouts and diet helped hera lot. Reports suggest that she followed the Mayr method to lose weight. It is a 14-day diet plan that includes alkaline foods, heart-healthy foods, gluten-free cereals, and protein-rich food. Sugar, gluten, and caffeine should be avoided. Image Courtesy: Instagram/Rebel Wilson

Kim Kardashian 2/5

Kim Kardashian: Who can forget her Met Gala transformation? Her fitting into Marilyn's iconic dress became the rage, but how did she pull it off? She shared with a tabloid that shehad cut out all carbs and sugar from her diet. She also included protein-rich food and vegetables. She also use to run on the treadmill twice a day, and she was very strict with her regimen. However, this was clearly labelled as an unhealthy way to lose so much weight so fast. Image Courtesy: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Beyonce 3/5

Beyonce: While it was a long time ago, Beyonce did follow a juice cleanse diet to lose over 20 pounds in two weeks for her role in Dreamgirls. The Master cleanse diet only inlcudesdrinking juices for 10 days, mostly homemade lemonade. It is believed that it melts fat and cleanses your body of toxins. However, it is not the safest diet out there, and can lead to complications. It is best to talk to your nutritionist first. Image Courtesy/Beyonce

Christina Aguilera 4/5

Christina Aguilera: Were you shocked when you saw Christina Aguilera's changed avatar? She lost around 40 pounds (18 kg approximately) following the rainbow diet, along with exercise. This diet is a healthy diet that includes colourful fruit and vegetables that are red, orange, green, purple and yellow. So no restricting carbs, gluten, meat or fat, but bringing a colourful twist to your bowl of veggies and fruits. Image Courtesy: Instagram/Xtina

Adele 5/5

Adele: On her 32nd birthday, Adele shared a picture of herself on social media and everyone was shocked and inspired to see the transformation. She lost a whopping 50 pounds or 20kilos in a year. Reportedly, the "Skyfall" singer lost weight with exercise and following the Sirtfood diet. It is a two-phase diet: The first phase lasts 7 days, wherein restricting your calorie intake to 1000 Kcal for 3 days and 1500 Kcal for the rest 4 days. The 2nd phase is 2 weeks long, focusing on Sirtfood-sich meals. Instagram/Adele