5 vaginal problems related to menopause

Published on:2 May 2022, 09:00am IST

It’s not just hot flashes and mood swings that come with menopause. This stage brings a lot of vaginal problems. Come and learn what they are and some signs that might help you avoid it.

burning pee 1/5

Burning sensation while peeing: If peeing makes your intimate area burn like hell and you are inching closer to your menopausal age, this can totally be one of the signs. This is n ot the regular kind of burning that usually happens due to dehydration. During menopause, estrogen levels in the body drop due to which this problem takes place. Seek help if the pain is just unbearable. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

painful sex 2/5

Pain during sex: This can happen due to multiple reasons. Dry vagina, tightness around the pelvic area, and infection – all these are commonly seen during menopause and any of them can be a cause of painful sex. So if you experience a little more pain than usual, see your gynae immediately. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

uti 3/5

UTI is a vaginal problem that is commonly seen in women. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

vaginal dryness 4/5

Vaginal dryness: It’s a situation when your vagina loses its natural lubrication. It happens at young age as well but this is also commonly seen in women approaching menopause. It won’t be wrong to say that your vagina gets dehydrated during this time and simple hacks like drinking a lot of water and vaginal moisturizers can really help. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More

Vaginitis 5/5

Vaginitis: This also happens due to an imbalance of estrogen in the body. The vaginal walls get thin, dry, and inflamed. This brings in a lot of discomfort around your vaginal area . Most importantly, it makes your vagina prone to various infections. So, be cautious. Image courtesy: Shutterstock... Read More