5 foods to eat daily for flawless skin

Published on:16 June 2022, 16:50pm IST

Even if you have been using fancy skincare products, remember that a well-balanced diet is important for an inside-out glow. So, include these 5 foods in your diet to get glowing and healthy skin.

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Seeds: Seeds such as pumpkin, chia, flax, sunflower, and hemp are the most recommended when it comes to glowing skin. They are a powerhouse of fiber, minerals, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which are essential for skin health. These nutrients can help repair your skin's moisture barrier and can protect it from environmental damage. In fact, these seeds can also help you with weight loss and hormonal balance. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Vitamin C rich fruits: Vitamin C can improve your skin's radiance as well as your immunity. Despite the fact that there are numerous vitamin-based products on the market, vitamin Cemerges as the clear winner. It treats skin problems like acne, loose skin, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and dark spots. Consume papaya, strawberries, guava, oranges, sweet potatoes, and kiwifruit on a regular basis to get your daily dose of vitamin C. These vitamin C-rich fruits can benefit people of all ages and skin types. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Carrot: Did you know that this vegetable is an excellent skin care ingredient? This superfood is high in vitamin A, which is required by both the upper and lower layers of your skin and helps to protect it from sun damage. Carrots will brighten your skin, maintain oil production, moisturise your skin, and can help you look younger. Furthermore, it can increase skin elasticity and collagen production. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Green leafy vegetables: Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, brussels sprouts, and collard greens should be consumed. These vegetables are high in antioxidants and vitamins, and they can provide a variety of skin benefits. They have the ability to protect skin cells from free radical damage as well as produce and maintain new cells, which guarantees flawless skin. If you have oily skin and frequently get pimples, you should definitely include green vegetables in your diet. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Fish and broccoli for protein: Protein is necessary for healthy, flawless skin. There are a wide vareity of vegetarian and non-vegetarian protein-rich foods. Vegetarians can get clear skin by eating foods like broccoli, lentils, and peas. Non-vegetarians can consume eggs, fish such as salmon and mackerel, and poultry. These foods stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Furthermore, they are high in omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for maintaining skin health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock