5 things to do to keep your liver healthy

Published on:14 April 2022, 18:35pm IST

Taking care of your liver is imperative. Certain factors like age, genetics, diabetes, and obesity can affect your liver health, but being mindful of your habits can help.

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Increasing physical activity by adding any form of exercise for 30 minutes in your daily routine can help strengthen your liver health and overall well being. Physical activity isalso encouraged in order to maintain a healthy weight, as obesity and increased weight can contribute to higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels – both of which are detrimental for the liver. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

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Eat right and healthy foods! Image courtesy: Shuttertsock

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Stress-related diseases are increasingly common and can make you more prone to heart-related conditions. Stress can lead to higher blood pressure which can pose a risk of heart attack. Managing stress can help our liver health as negative mental health is linked to a higher level of cortisol that raises risk of liver disease. Thus, one can engage themselves in relaxing activities like yoga or meditation practices to release stress. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

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Alcohol and smoking aggravate the condition of liver failure. It is crucial that people with poor liver health should reduce their alcohol intake and stop smoking. Making healthierchoices by avoiding alcohol consumption and smoking can help reduce the negative impacts on both liver and overall health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Timely management and control of health conditions including cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes can help in reducing the risk of liver diseases. Taking preventive health check-ups to test for raised cholesterol and blood pressure levels and blood sugar levels should help. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock