5 habits every woman should adopt for longevity

Published on:8 March 2023, 10:00am IST

There are certain aspects of women’s health that need attention for optimum well-being. Here are 5 habits that women must adopt for longevity and a happy life.

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This International Women’s Day let’s focus on women’s health. Women’s health awareness is the need of the hour. When it comes to our female population, you need to double your strength to stay stronger amidst the constant attention that family and work demands of you. Here are 5 habits that all women must adopt for longevity. Image Courtesy: Freepik

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Fitness and food: This is a much-needed power combo for women’s health and longevity. Some give priority to rigorous exercise and fat-burning mechanisms, while some others will focus only on healthy eating and diet. Both are equally important in controlling weight as well as overall health management. Most women manage to focus only on one of the above, often missing out on the other due to time constraints. A well-balanced nutritious diet, along with regular exercise, will not only help with your weight but will make sure diseases are kept at bay. Image Courtesy: Freepik

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Say no to toxins and unhealthy habits: There is no magic pill to achieve health goals. One needs perseverance and the will to keep away from all temptations that come in varied forms. Alcoholism, smoking and drugs are those toxins that can only give a momentary sense of pleasure. In the future, these can become a gateway for ill-health. Excess sugar and junk food also makes it to the list of unhealthy habits. Therefore, one must be mindful during indulgences. These toxins have a proven history of negative impact on ovarian health besides having an impact on general overall health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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There is no health without well-being: Women, especially, are made to believe that they must look a certain way to fit into societal norms. So, the focus on physical health and appearances takes precedence. Looking at life from a 360-degree window takes a back seat. Psychological, mental and emotional health makes a huge impact on the overall health. Therefore, we cannot trade one for the other. Good health is not only physical health but a combination of physical, psychological, mental and emotional well-being which can be achieved with the help of yoga, meditation, etc. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Take preventive measures: Early diagnosis and vaccinations are important. We are blessed to be born in an era of advanced medical science practices. So why not take advantage of the situation and use it for the betterment of our health? It is always strategically smart to prevent rather than treat and manage health complications. Women must watch out for any signs and warnings such as irregular periods, lump in breast or any unusual discharge. Annual visits to a gynaecologist are unfortunately underrated and ignored, which can actually save you a lot of trouble in terms of reproductive diseases. Take time to check your immunization needs relevant to different phases of your life. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Stay aware, updated, and educated about your health: You are the only one who is the master of your body and mind and the only custodian of your health. Take time to understand your body and mind needs, spend time in increasing your knowledge about women’s health that can have an impact in the long run. Just like in the financial world, appropriate steps are taken at the right time that show compounding benefits at a later age, it is similar with health. Women go through different phases from adolescence, adulthood, pregnancy to menopause. Hormonal play in the body must be understood so that you can handle your life better and make it more fruitful. Image Courtesy: Freepik