5 stars who have dealt with PCOS

Published on:2 July 2022, 10:30pm IST

Over the years, women have become more outspoken about their struggle with issues such as PCOS. Let’s take a look at 5 female celebrities with PCOS who have spoken up about it, thereby normalizing this health issue.

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Sonam Kapoor: One Bollywood star who has always been vocal about her transformation from being overweight to fit is Sonam Kapoor. Currently expecting her first child, Sonam had once opened up about her PCOS diagnosis at the age of 15. With the right diet and exercise plan, the child who showed courage, not only won her war against adolescent obesity but also against depression, diabetes, and hormonal imbalance. The actress who gained over 35 kg in less than 6 months, is now featured on the covers of the top fashion and lifestyle publications globally. Image courtesy: Instagram | Sonam Kapoor

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Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham has always been outspoken and courageous about the negative consequences that PCOS had on her fertility. She managed to overcome the disease, nevertheless, by continuing to live a healthy lifestyle and regulate her weight. She currently has three sons and a newborn daughter as children. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Shruti Haasan: She recently shared about her hormonal issues with her PCOS with the public. The actress is determined to deal with the issue by taking the appropriate food intake,having a good sleeping pattern complemented with a healthy workout. She chose to believe as a natural movement of her body instead of considering it to be a fight. “My body isn’t perfect right now but my heart is” Shruti writes. Image courtesy: Instagram | Shruti Haasan

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Emma Thompson: The Oscar winner suffered a miscarriage in 1997 and battled her fertility issues caused due to PCOS. She had IVF therapy as a result, and in 1999, she gave birth toa kid. "For years, I counted people's children in the street and thought I'd never recover," she said in a magazine interview. "But you do, of course." Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Daisy Ridley: The Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley publicly shared her PCOS-related acne condition on her Instagram feed. To combat PCOS, she spoke on the need of caring for one's health and monitoring one's lifestyle. Image courtesy: Shutterstock