World Autism Awareness Day: 5 activities to help your child balance emotions with logic

On World Autism Awareness Day, here are 5 activities that you can indulge in to help your child with autism to balance of emotions and logic.
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Parents of autistic children can use these tips. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Devangana Mishra Published: 1 Apr 2022, 17:05 pm IST
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Logic and emotions are what makes up our human brain. For a child battling autism, trauma, excitement, joy, grief, fear can all lead to an imbalance in the brains, leaning more towards emotion and less towards logic. Balancing these or finding logic when the brain leans too much on one side, is necessary for a child to grow as a whole human being. As a parent, you must know the activities or games to help your child with autism, to make them find a balance.

These tips for parents with autistic children can go a long way in also increasing bonding.

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5 games to help your child with autism:

1. Card games:

Teaching them card games to play with a few peers is always a good idea. Even simple ones like an open hand or big-small are good ideas, because the likelihood of them losing is as high as them winning the game. This can help autistic children to deal with loss, failure and luck, however it plays out, early on.

2. Competitive sports:

Sports such as running marathons, playing racquet games such as squash, tennis or badminton if they have the eye-hand coordination, playing games like ‘catch and cook’ in a park, swinging besides peers, waiting in lines to go down slides are other easily engaged in games with peers that can help them balance emotion with logic. In these games,they will be forced to use their intelligence to win. But you can never predict anyone else’s next move, so losing is also a likelihood, which prepares them early on to repair and recuperate from losses.

3. Games that need focus and precision:

When it comes to choosing games for autistic kids, go for those which can easily cause frustration. Building Jenga towers, copying Lego figures, colouring within lines, stitching on a dotted line, knitting, early coding skills, are all ways to build focus, tenacity and strength.

4. Board or arcade games:

Play Snakes and Ladders, Ludo, Baccarat or car games or the hunting games where you win a prize from picking out the stuff toy in play zones, shooting the balloons are other games which truly rely on luck and chance. So, these are ways to teach them that no amount of logic and emotional energy can control the outcome in life. Whatever has to happen will happen and how to recover and walk forward in life, is an important life lesson of sorts.

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Indulge in games and activities with an autistic child. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Story books, song videos and cartoons

These and picture books, books with words, mysteries, thrillers, suspense, love stories, fairytales are all books that we can introduce our kids to, to see how life goes in multiple directions and every roadblock can be a new beginning or happy endings. And sad endings don’t mean it’s the end of life. You can keep re-organizing your life. After every frightening episode, you can pick the pieces again and find beauty and joy. This activity of game for autistic kids is a good way to expose thosee dealing with an emotional overload to find logic.


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