Worried about your baby’s dry skin? Try these hacks and make it winter-ready

Winter can be really harsh on your baby’s skin. Read these dermatologist-recommended tips to get your baby’s skin winter-ready.
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Your baby’s skin needs attention too! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Updated: 30 Oct 2023, 01:21 pm IST
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Numbing winter temperatures and dry icy winds don’t spare anyone. Not even the apple of your eye – your baby. To protect your little one’s skin from this harsh season is a big task, because if not tackled properly, you can end up giving your baby skin trouble.

Another point to note is that you can’t just smear anything on your baby’s skin, as it’s way too delicate. And it’s not just about the application, but also the ingredients of the products, clothes, and even the humidity in the environment – everything plays a role. And to help you understand the nuances, you need an expert opinion.

That’s why we have Dr Rinky Kapoor, consultant dermatologist and dermato-surgeon at The Esthetic Clinics, to help you with your baby’s skin.
So come and read what she recommends.

First things first, how can you make your baby’s skin winter-ready?

Like adults, winter can be harsh on babies too. Yes, you heard it right! Babies can experience many skin problems during the winter season that can be worrisome for parents. Not only allergies and infections, but skin woes can be problematic too.

baby dry skin
Let your baby’s skin sing this winter. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

Your baby will need extra attention as he/she may get a diaper rash due to wearing the wrong size. Plus, there’s the risk of chapped skin that is caused by inflammation of dry skin, which is the result of friction from clothing and even a runny nose.

Damp and warm spots such as skin folds can cause yeast and fungus to thrive. Eczema is also commonly seen in babies during chilly days. It can also lead to dry red patches, and irritation. Another problem seen in babies is dry or cradle scalp , as the skin has little or no moisture. The skin of your little one’s scalp may become irritated and flaky.

Here are some quick ways to nourish your baby’s skin this winter

  • Go for soft fabrics

    It is a no-brainer that your little one’s skin will be sensitive during those chilly months. So, make sure to dress your baby in soft, breathable fabrics that won’t invite skin woes such as rashes and irritation. It can be extremely uncomfortable for babies.

  • Do not use any scented products

    It is a known fact that scented and other chemical-laden products can be harsh on the skin. Use clinically approved and recommended products by the doctor. You could even choose the right shampoo with the help of an expert to avoid dryness of the scalp. Using unnatural ingredients or even giving bubble baths to the babies is not at all suggested.

    baby moisturiser
    Choose your baby’s moisturizer carefully. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    “These things can cause allergies and infections. So, be vigilant when it comes to your baby’s health. Opt for fragrance-free lotions, soaps, and even laundry detergents. Apply oil to the baby’s scalp to reduce itching, dandruff, and dryness. If the baby has eczema, bathe him/her with a non-soap cleanser, and use an anti-inflammatory ointment,” suggests Dr Kapoor.

  • To tackle diaper rash

    Use a cream to get rid of soreness and redness, only after consulting an expert. Dress your baby properly during winter. Avoid too many layers of clothing.

Tricks to protect your baby from winter dryness

  • Moisturizing can do the trick

    Do you often forget to moisturize your little one’s skin? Then, you are doing it all wrong. Daily moisturizing can help to combat dryness during winter. So, do it twice a day as per the doctor’s advice. You will have to take the help of an expert to select the right kind of moisturizer for the baby. Gently apply the moisturizer and avoid rubbing it hard on the skin. Take care of the chapped lips of the baby by applying oil or lip balm, after speaking to an expert.

  • Go for a humidifier

    “The air can be dry during the chilly days, and this can lead to skin issues in babies. So, install a humidifier, if need be, to protect your baby’s skin,” recommends Dr Kapoor.

    ghee for baby skin
    You can use ghee as a natural moisturizer. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
  • Say NO to over bathing

    Babies’ skin tends to easily dry up during winter, and frequent bathing can lead to more issues. Thus, a gentle sponge bath and wipe down with a damp washcloth is a good idea. So, bathe the baby once a day, but make sure the water is only warm, not too hot.

  • Massage regularly

    “Did you know? A massage enhances blood circulation and keeps the skin soft and bouncy. Natural essential oils in combination with baby massage oil can be used for babies,” tips Dr Kapoor.

    So mommies, let your baby’s skin stay nourished even in this harsh winter with these tips!

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