Do you think a thin child is weak? Here’s what you need to know

Body type tells nothing about the health of your child unless he or she is obese. A healthy child has a lot to do with right eating habits.
Food determines a child's health
Food determines a child's health! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Purvi Kalra Updated: 6 Nov 2022, 10:58 am IST
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Well, how can you tell about the health of your child? Most people would go on trying to state the obvious and say that thinness in a child usually darts towards being weak, and chubby children are healthy, period. What if we tell you that this cliché notion of yours is far from the truth? The shape of the body of your child has nothing to do with weak or good health. Instead, there are different personalities in children.

Dr Srimukhi Anumolu, a pediatrician and neonatologist, took to her social media to bust a common myth surrounding children’s health.

According to her, the most common myth that our society gives into says that thin children are weak, and chubby children are healthy. She pricks the bubble and shares that there are three types of body personalities, according to body morphology.

1. Ectomorph
They are lean and appear to be thin without body fat or lean muscle mass.

2. Mesomorph
They are medium built, neither underweight nor overweight. This is generally perceived as the ideal body type.

3. Endomorph
Considered chubby, these kinds of children have shapely physiques with large frames and more body fat.

The personality type your child acquires can be based on genetic factors.

child obesity
Child obesity is on the rise. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Factors that determine a child’s health

Three factors determine the health of your child. These include:

* Ideal weight and height for age
* Active and playful
* Doesn’t get sick often
* Role of healthy eating habits

Apart from genetics, the good health of your child depends heavily on his or her eating habits. When a child is in the growing stage of his/her life, the cells in the body rapidly multiply to set the roots for further growth. And, the nutrients fed into the body determine the final fate of health. So, how your child builds up as an adult is more or less decided by what the child eats in the early childhood phase.

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How to inculcate healthy eating habits in your child?

Break the monotony by offering a variety
Your child can get bored of eating the same type of food every day. To make healthy eating tempting, offer a large variety of healthy foods like whole grains, dairy products, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Keep healthy foods accessible
You can keep healthy foods stacked in your kitchen from where your child can get easy access. It could be a fresh fruit salad in a small container or roasted peanuts in smaller potion sizes that your child can easily grab on a tour of the kitchen.

foods for children
Fruits and natural foods are essential for the growth of a healthy child. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Aerated drinks and canned juices are a big no
Keep your child away from aerated drinks and fruit juices that run high on sugar content. Instead, you can offer plain water or make it healthier by infusing it with lemon, orange wedges, or herbs.

Refrain your child from consuming junk foods
As much as your child wants to eat pizza, burgers, cakes or candies, you should never that become a part of your child’s daily lifestyle. Occasional binging is fine, but not regularly.

Teach them mindful eating
Children tend to watch television while having their daily meals. You should always teach your child the art of mindful eating. They should always pay attention to what they are eating and learn to keep away from distractions while having their meals.

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