Drinking raisin water may help in weight loss, says my mom

If you are someone trying to lose weight, you can try drinking raisin water to lose weight effectively. Here’s how it works!
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Raisin water can help you lose weight. Image courtesy: Adobe stock
Shruti Bhattacharya Published: 5 May 2024, 17:00 pm IST
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Losing weight is one of the most difficult tasks, but not at all impossible! One thing that is extremely important when it comes to weight loss is your diet. If you are not eating healthy or having healthy drinks, you will not be able to lose weight as fast as you want to. If you have been struggling with weight loss, you can try this home remedy for weight loss approved by my mother. She believes that raisins are classified as superfoods because they contain several health-promoting elements. They support stronger bones, reduced blood pressure, respiratory system cleaning, increased metabolism, and weight loss. So, drinking raisin water can accelerate the weight-loss process and can help to achieve your weight-loss goals faster. Here’s how raisin water for weight loss works and you should include it in your diet.

What is raisin water?

Raisin water, also known as kishmish water, is a drink prepared by soaking raisins overnight, and then filtering and heating it in the morning. It is said that raisin water helps lose weight, improves digestion, removes toxins, and provides a range of essential minerals and antioxidants. Raisin water is said to be sweet, flavourful, and simple to make.

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Try raisin water if your want to lose weight. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

Raisin water for weight loss: Does it work?

If you are looking for a way to lose weight, raisin water could be the secret ingredient you need. While the drink is not a miracle cure for weight loss, it can help you in your weight loss journey. “Raisins are high in dietary fibre, which keeps you satisfied for longer. This minimises snacking and overeating. In addition, raisin water can satisfy your sweet cravings without adding to your calorie intake. It contains natural sugars, making it a better option for sugar-filled beverages,” says nutritionist Indrani Ghosh.

According to a 2015 study published in the Journal of Herbal Medicine, high consumption of high-glycemic-index meals and dried fruits, especially raisins, can help lower body mass index (BMI), reduce waist circumference (WC), and aid in weight loss.

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How to make raisin water?

Here is a complete guide on how to prepare raisin water for weight loss:


  • 1 cup of raisins
  • 2 cups of water


  • Fill a saucepan or pot with 2 cups (475 mL) water and bring to a boil.
  • Turn off the heat source when the water reaches a boiling temperature.
  • Pour in 1 cup (145 grams) of raisins and allow to soak in the boiling water.
  • Soak the raisins in the water overnight or at least for eight hours.
  • Use a colander or sieve to remove the raisins once they have soaked.
  • Reheat the raisin water in the microwave or on the hob before consuming it.

The best time to drink raisin water to lose weight

If you want to lose weight, you should drink raisin water in the morning. It can be taken on an empty stomach to allow its detoxifying qualities to work. While the morning is the best time to take it, you can consume it any time of the day as it has numerous weight loss benefits that can work any time.

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Include healthy drinks in your diet if you want to lose weight. Image courtesy: Adobe stock

Are there any side effects of drinking raisin water?

While it is generally safe to drink raisin water, it is always best to consult your doctor before incorporating raisin water into your diet to lose weight.

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