Dengue fever: Papaya leaf extract is a home remedy you can try

Worried about your platelet count while suffering from dengue? Here is how papaya leaf extract can help you.
papaya for dengue
Papaya leaf extract is good to increase your platelet count. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Manasvi Jain Updated: 23 Oct 2023, 12:04 pm IST
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Dengue cases are on the rise again. In Indian capital New Delhi, 40-50 new cases are being reported weekly. These times can get scary, especially if you don’t know how to deal with dengue. Here’s an interesting home remedy for dengue we happened to hear about! Did you know papaya leaf extract can be beneficial in the treatment of dengue?

Apparently, using papaya leaf extract for dengue patients is a very old home remedy. But in recent years, there have also been scientific studies proving its benefits and hence, health experts have also started prescribing papaya leaf extract to dengue patients.

To find out more about the benefits of papaya leaf extract, Health Shots reached out to Dr. Chaitali Deshmukh, an Ayurvedic consultant. She says, “Papaya leaves, in addition to the fruit’s pulp, have several medicinal qualities. It is the greatest natural treatment for treating dengue fever and other ailments, as papaya leaves are widely renowned for raising platelet counts and are also strong in antimalarial qualities.”

Here is why papaya leaf extract is beneficial for treating dengue:

1. Enhances body immunity

When one suffers from dengue fever, it is essential to strengthen their immune system so that the body can fight off the virus. “Alkaloids, papain, and phenolic chemicals found in papaya leaves work as potent antioxidants to boost the body’s defense mechanisms. Additionally, papain combined with another substance aids in efficiently digesting crucial proteins that can treat digestive issues,” says Dr Deshmukh.

papaya leaf extract strengthens immunity
Strengthen your immunity during dengue fever with papaya leaf extract!

2. Raises platelet count

A healthy person has a platelet count of more than 100,000 but having dengue fever decreases the count to as low as 20,000 platelets which is very risky and hence it becomes essential to raise the count. Dr Deshmukh drew our attention to a study which shows that papaya leaf extract, when used on dengue patients, raises the platelet counts.

The study was conducted on 400 patients, half of whom were in the control group and got a specified amount of papaya leaf extract in the form of tablets along with the normal dengue treatment. It was discovered that the patients in the control group experienced fewer adverse effects and a higher platelet count while receiving papaya medication. Additionally, they didn’t need blood transfusions.

3. Subsides dengue symptoms

Papaya leaf juice is recommended by several medical professionals as a successful treatment for dengue fever. Aedes mosquitoes are the source of this deadly disease. “High temperature, skin rash, and a drop in platelet count are caused by mosquitoes spreading the sickness through our blood. The dengue symptoms can be lessened with the aid of papaya leaf extract,” says Dr Deshmukh.

papaya leaf juice for dengue
Say goodbye to dengue symptoms with papaya leaf juice! Image Courtesy : Shutterstock

4 Contains antimalarial properties

Dr. Deshmukh also explained, “Papaya leaves are the best for treating dengue fever since they also have potent antimalarial effects. Acetogenin, a substance in papaya leaves, aids in the prevention of diseases including dengue and malaria.”

papaya leaf extract for dengue
Papaya leaf extract has antimalarial properties. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Not only is papaya plant juice or pulp useful for treating dengue fever, but also for battling its symptoms. Here are some methods for treating dengue fever with papaya leaves as suggested by Dr Deshmukh.

How to use papaya leaves for treating Dengue:

Method 1

After properly washing some medium-sized papaya leaves, partially dry them. Slice them up into little pieces. Put the leaves and 2 liters of water in a saucepan. Boil the water and leaves and let them simmer for a while. Wait to strain the liquid until the water has been reduced by half before covering the pan. Fill glass containers with this extract.

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Method 2

Eating ripe papaya every day is another option. Additionally, you can drink a glass of papaya juice by adding a bit of lemon juice to it. You can treat dengue fever more quickly by drinking this juice at least 2-3 times every day.

Method 3

Crush some papaya leaves with your hand. Drink 2 tablespoons of this bitter juice, which you will have obtained from the extract. Drink this twice a day.

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