My #momsays jaggery can relieve period pain. And Ayurveda has her back!

Sweetness and pain relief—there’s finally some hope to sail through period cramps easily—thanks to jaggery. It’s backed by Ayurveda and my mom.
Jaggery for periods
If your uterus tries to kill you every month, try jaggery for period pain. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Sonakshi Kohli Updated: 26 Jun 2020, 11:35 am IST
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My mother can forget adding a packet of sanitary napkins to her shopping cart at the supermarket. But she never forgets to add a packet of jaggery when our period date is around the corner. 

And I may forget that my mom has a logical bent of mind, but I can never forget to undermine her. Hence, one fine day as we were grocery shopping, I asked her: “What’s so good about this gud that you simply can’t let us skip it?”

Pat, came mom’s lecture

“You millennials have no threshold for pain. One little period cramp and you simply pop a painkiller without thinking about its side-effects. But till the time you’re living under my roof, I will not tolerate this.” 

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All this, in front of the guy at the billing counter, who probably got terrified and gave us an additional 5% discount, as my unimpressed mother continued, “Your nani would only give me gud when I was suffering from cramps. In fact, I took my English board exam chewing jaggery on the first day of my period and scored 80%, despite very painful menstrual cramps.”

So, I gave in. And dutifully started eating small pieces of jaggery a week before my period every month.

And to nobody’s surprise, it worked

I won’t say, the pain disappeared, but I belong to the category of women who simply can’t get out of bed without taking at least two painkillers on the first day of my period. Thanks cramps! So, going from that stage to being able to walk and carry out my routine minus the medicines has been quite an improvement for me—all thanks to the good-old jaggery. 

Even experts have my mom mom’s back 

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Jaggery has many essential nutrients like sodium and potassium and is very effective in treating menstrual problems according to mommy and well, even Dr. Vanishree Aithal, M.D of Birla Ayurveda, Mumbai.

benefits of gud
Eating gur is too good to be true. Image courtesy: Shutterstock.

“If you experience mood swings, cramps, and other symptoms during menstruation, eat a small piece of jaggery. This can release endorphins and thus ease cramps and help in dealing with PMS symptoms,” she explains.

Additionally, jaggery also happens to be a rich source of iron as per a study published in the International Journal of Chemical Studies and can thus, prevents weakness due to blood loss during menstruation.

Dr Aithal recommends eating a piece of jaggery with or without water, twice a day on an empty stomach during your period. She also suggests keeping its intake restricted to 20-25 gms a day.

Now that you’ve got a green signal to cash in on the therapeutic effect of jaggery by an Ayurvedic expert and my mom, what are you waiting for? Christmas? Go and grab your piece of the sweet delight.

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