My #momsays a champi with bhringraj oil can solve all your hair loss troubles

Ladies, we all have grown up with our moms giving a bhringraj tel-champi for our dry and brittle hair. Here's some science to back it up!
bhringraj oil
If you want luscious locks, listen to your mom. Image courtesy: YouTube
Aishwarya Chopra Published: 22 Mar 2020, 13:00 pm IST
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I clearly remember the time my mom would slather on bhringraj oil on my unruly mane whenever I cried about the fallen strands on my comb. She would sing the champi-song and keep at it while I still sulked about its unpleasant smell and its chip-chip consistency. That post-shower healthy hair though always made me smile. 

Years later, I found myself struggling to find time for a champi as I tried to keep up with my fast-paced life. My brittle unhealthy hair would leave its traces in shower drains and hairbrushes. My tired brain would often direct me to glossy hair commercials and make me feed my hair chemicals that came from fancy bottles. 

Then my mom enforced the tel and sang the champi song again
Sneakily smiling, she yet again made me sit in front of her and slathered on some bhringraj oil. Only this time I sang along with her and the champi suddenly smelled divine and the chip-chip wasn’t an issue anymore.

After years of struggle this time when I brushed my hair post-shower, the amount of brittle hair on my comb substantially reduced. After weeks of religious application, my hair finally gained its volume and strength back. The childhood smile had returned for real. 

How does it work though?
Bhringraj oil or false daisy is a weed found in countries like Brazil,India and China. Interestingly, this oil not just contains bhringraj (which is the main ingredient), it also contains amla, Centella, coconut oil, brahmi, mulethi, aja dugdha and goa dugdha. All these herbs are mixed into a fine powder and then added to hot coconut oil or sesame oil.

bhringraj oil
This magic potion shall nourish your beautiful mane. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

The medicinal properties of bhringraj when mixed with its other ingredients create the magic potion we all need. According to the Indian tradition of Ayurveda, specific ingredients heal the body through nutrition.Bhringraj oil is known to promote hair growth, strengthen hair, and prevent graying and dandruff. We all need that magic, don’t we? 

Do you often look at your thinning and falling brittle hair and fearfully imagine complete hair loss? Bhringraj oil is here for your rescue. In fact, research from Archives of Dermatological Research shows that bhringraj oil increased the number of hair follicles and was more effective than minoxidil (a popular solution used for hair balding) when it comes to prevention of hair loss

It’s the ingredients that have its answer. Amla according to Ayurveda is known as the tridosha sedative which nurtures the roots of the hair and the scalp.The combination of amla and bhringraj increases the blood circulation and makes the roots of the hair strong and thus prevent hair loss.

Along with hair fall, a common occurrence of flaky dandruff adds another problem to the mix. The essential ingredients of bhringraj oil have antimicrobial and antifungal properties that can help reduce dandruff. A study in the Journal of Pharmaceutical Science on the antibacterial activity of Eclipta alba (the scientific name for bhringraj) reaffirmed that it is effective in fighting bacteria and fungus. It’s time to bid adieu to the pesky bacteria!

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A gift that keeps on giving
Along with its hair strengthening and anti-bacterial properties, bhringraj oil can also colour away those pesky little grey strands. Although greying is a genetic process, bhringraj oil can slow down or prevent the process of greying. The presence of ingredients like haritaki helps restore the color of the hair and helps it appear less grey.

How can you apply it then?
When hair and scalp growth is the goal, pour a little bhringraj oil in your hands and warm it between your fingertips. Start massaging the oil directly on your scalp using your fingertips and let the magic potion sink into your strands and scalp. Wash it while you shower and if your hair still feels oily, shampoo again.

If the consistency of the oil is cumbersome for you, a hair masque with bhringraj powder in water, oil, and even yogurt can do the trick. Apply it to dry hair for about 30 minutes, then rinse it off.

So ladies, the next time your dry and brittle hair needs a little pick-me-up, remember like my mom says ‘thik tel se hi hoga’. So ditch that fancy hair-care line because bhringraj oil champi and mom ki honest advice shall always be your real rescue.

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