Parenting tips: Know the factors that influence motor development skills in children

Every parent wants the perfect growth for their child. Come, know a little about motor development skills in children.
motor development in children
Understand motor development in children. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Dr Himani Narula Published: 14 Aug 2022, 20:51 pm IST
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Motor development resembles physical and quick activities, and your child’s brain is a big component of this. It entails the brain and your child’s muscles to achieve and make the use of important abilities such as language, social and emotional involvement, and behavior.

Your child’s motor skills can help facilitate the establishment of a close human bond. Think about this: When your newborn pokes out his little hand, that movement of reaching draws your attention and draws your emotions closer to your child, and as a result, you will begin laughing and talking to him or her.

There are two facets of development that spur the development of a baby’s development milestones and change levels from helpless to completely independent.

* Gross motor development involves developing the muscles used for locomotion and posture maintenance.
* Fine motor development involves developing the smaller muscles for specific tasks.

Muscle development in children
Muscle growth is important for kids. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

There are various factors which affect the motor development in children

1. Heredity

Taking into account the genetic components of development largely determine the motor development of children. The progression of height, weight, and muscle mass is determined over the course of development by their parents.

2. Birth weight

A recent study has found that low birth weight babies are more likely to have motor skills issues. The study, which was conducted by the University of Utah, looked at 5-year-old kids who were born prematurely or with a low birth weight. The results showed that these premature children were more likely to have problems with balance and coordination. They also found that the children who were born prematurely were more likely to struggle with fine motor skills tasks, such as using a pencil or cutting with scissors.

Premature kids
Premature kids may struggle with motor development skills. Image Courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Sex differences

Babies are born with different physical abilities due to the sex chromosomes they inherit from their parents. Males are typically stronger and have better motor skills than females. This is because boys typically have more muscle mass and testosterone which helps with strength and coordination. Girls, on the other hand, typically have better balance and dexterity due to higher levels of estrogen. These differences start early in life and persist into adulthood.

4. Environment

The healthy environment in which one develops respects security and provides encouragement. The enrichment of a child’s surroundings promotes sensory and motor development. Kids who experience more opportunities for playful activities show improved motor development than those who do not participate in educational environments.

5. Physical activity

Regular physical activity in the form of yoga, dance, calisthenics, aerobics, and swimming promotes good physical development, which should be enjoyed from earliest childhood. This ensures that the human body’s structure is solid and prepared enough to both work and play without limitation.

Importance of exercise for kids
Emphasize the importance of exercise for kids. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Nutrition

To maintain mind and body well, you need to assist the growth of balanced nutritional habits for children. Instilling good eating habits in kids at an early age will improve their mental and physical health. If this strong physical aptitude is ever lost, you will have a hard time dealing with leading a balanced life. In the long run, this will significantly affect your psyche.

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7. Immunization

It’s vitally important for both mother and child. It mainly facilitates a better development of the sensory mechanisms. Many medical problems are closely connected with proper vaccination in normal circumstances; else, they may hinder the development of the infant.

8. Lack of opportunity

Children who don’t get enough opportunities to play together and don’t interact with their environment, don’t properly develop their muscles. Games play a crucial role in the development of various motor skills of children. Through playing, their cardiovascular system functions well and they stay healthy.

What parents can do to improve motor development in children

Establishing a comfortable, nurturing environment in a home greatly influences the emotional foundation of our children from the moment they are born.

Are we gentle when they cry out? Do we provide attention and give affection? Are we careful to invest time in their physical development by holding them as they learn to walk? Do we spend the time necessary engaging them through play and stimulating them through interactions, informing them of numbers and colors, showing them how to share, and demonstrating positive behaviors? Do we show them how we interact with healthy relationships, what values are we teaching them, and what do we expose them to?

Parenting tips to manage kids
Help your child develop the right skills. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

How often and how we interact with our children—and specifically how involved we are in every single one of their actions, emotions, thoughts, dreams, and fantasies—can have a profound effect upon our kids from an early age. Acknowledging that, we need to actively nourish, care, provide warmth, security, comfort, reassurance, stimulation, and love for them.

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