My mom trusts anjeer to control her blood sugar levels. Here’s why you should too

You must be wondering how a sweet fruit like anjeer can help you control blood sugar, but there is legit science behind it.
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Fresh figs are great for you! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 7 Nov 2020, 13:11 pm IST
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I’ve seen my nani, nana and now my mother include fig or anjeer to their diet. They are all diabetic, which is why they are pretty vigilant about what and how much they eat. But seeing them consume anjeer regularly always made me question their decision. Turns out I was wrong, because figs are actually great for diabetics. So, what makes it a safe option for diabetics? Let’s find out.

When I asked my mother why anjeer is good, she explained that it is rich in potassium, and has high levels of fibre, which makes it a go-to fruit for diabetics.

The fibre in anjeer moderates your blood sugar levels

She further told me that the high fibre content present in anjeer ensures that your blood sugar levels don’t go up! For any diabetic, having foods that are high in fibre is very helpful. The fibre gets digested slowly, and this helps to maintain the blood sugar levels. But that being said, it doesn’t mean that you can go overboard. Even with anjeer, you need to practice moderation!

But is there more to just the fibre factor in figs? Science has the answer to it!

Science has got my mother’s back!

In a study published in the International Journal of Research in Pharmacy and Biosciences, it was concluded that the hypoglycemic agents in figs can be a good anti-diabetic agent. Moreover, in another study published in the journal Chemico-Biological Interactions, researchers found that even the leaves of anjeer are beneficial to improve insulin sensitivity. 

While anjeer is available both in dried and fresh form, always choose the fresh option as recommended by the book, Healing Foods by DK Publishing House. That’s because dried anjeer has a higher calorie content and sugar, as compared to the fresh one. And since dried fruits are concentrated in sugar, it is not at all advisable for a diabetic person. 

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Do you see this dried anjeer? You gotta avoid this! Always prefer the fresh one! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

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Also, if you are thinking of including anjeer in your diet, it will be better to consult your doctor and check with him first for anything that can impact your health. What’s more, it is important for you to understand that anjeer or anything else cannot be the substitute for medication!

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