Use the power of manifestation when you communicate with your child, says expert

If you are looking to improve the life of your teenage kids, it’s important to tap into the power of manifestation for a range of benefits.
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Published: 14 Feb 2022, 19:45 pm IST
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In today’s day and age, when everything is so fast-paced and available at people’s fingertips, young adults can’t be dismissed for having no knowledge or information. They are very much aware of their surroundings, and don’t necessarily rely solely on their parents for awareness. They acquire information from their peers, media, news, schools, and teachers. So, treat them as you would like to be treated, and use the power of manifestation when you communicate with them.

Once you are clear that you are talking to someone with such self-awareness, you must give them enough space to bloom into a wonderful individual. Kids and teens, if given enough exposure and space, can communicate in a mature way.

We live in a different era, which is why it is imperative to understand that to deal with teenagers, we must know how to communicate with them. Irrespective of the age group of your children, whether they are kids, teens, or even married, one must know how to communicate effectively, so that your relationship is smooth.

Does the power of manifestation work with children?

The first step is to determine the final result you want in that relationship. For example, if you are a teacher, you might want students to be obedient in class. If you are a parent, you may want your children to be respectful, learning, etc.

Before that, let’s address the law of attraction, according to which, what goes around comes around. There are only two types of energies you can give out: positive or negative. If you scold them, make them fearful, which is negative energy, you will receive similar reciprocation of energy.

Law of attraction
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If you appreciate them, express gratitude, or speak about igniting their passion, you release positive energy and will start a circle of receiving favorable circumstances. Whatever you give, you receive.

In a situation with a young person, you need to choose to be positive. The easiest way to do this is by practicing gratitude. If your child has ever done anything good in the past, find reasons to be grateful to him/her. Write the things you can find in your child to be grateful about. For example, ‘Thank you my child, for being so cheerful’ or ‘Thank you my child, for helping me in the kitchen’, or ‘Thank you my child, for being so great at cricket’. Write a minimum of 10 things of gratitude for your child. Throughout the day you can speak, write, and look at these things.

You may be presently worried or angry about your child’s health, or his future, friends, dietary habits, career, job, etc. But these negative feelings will only bring more of such unfavourable circumstances to make you feel more fearful, worried, and negative.

Why is gratitude important?

If you want your child’s friend circle to be better, try looking for any good characteristics their current friend has. Try looking for their good qualities. Maybe they are respectful to their mom or maybe they did well in their exams and are academically smart. If you want your child to have better friends, start finding things to be grateful about in his current friend circle. Being grateful for all the good things in the present will ensure that they continue to appear in your future.

Law of attraction
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To manifest what you want for your child in the future, write what you want with gratitude, as you have already received it. Do not write what you do not want. Only write what you do want. For example, If you want your child’s career to be set, write that you want that he’s well settled, earning X amount per month, and more. You have to first imagine like this has already come true and that you are living it right now.

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The last word

If you follow these tips, you will be amazed by the results. For best results, do the above steps a maximum number of times a day. Engross yourself in it fully. You can never overdo gratitude. If you ever find yourself feeling negative in the circumstances, quarantine yourself! Make a conscious decision to stay away from those circumstances and choose to just follow these steps!

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