This Diwali, gift your child a fitter lifestyle

Move over toys, gifts and chocolates to treat children this Diwali, and gift them a fitter and healthier lifestyle for a better tomorrow.
benefits of sports for kids
Sports activity also makes kids exercise and stay disciplined with it. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Manvit Kaur Kohli Updated: 3 Nov 2021, 17:57 pm IST
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We always think that fitness only concerns adults. But the truth is that one needs to start building a strong foundation of health at an early age. That’s why it’s important for children to learn the benefits of leading an active and healthy life. This Diwali, let’s help our kids do something fun and active.

Here’s how you can make your child’s lifestyle fitter
Plan a picnic

The months of October to December bless us with the best weather and a great time to plan a picnic. Gather your friends and their kids and plan an outing to a nearby park. You can pack healthy food items and teach them about the importance of macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats). Moreover, a fun game of frisbee, football, cricket, or even old school games like kho kho will ensure that children stay physically active. Besides, your kids will get a chance to connect with nature as well. Why not turn this into a fortnightly or monthly ritual?

Help your kids befriend fitness. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Fitness sessions

Fitness has moved online! Be it sessions boosting physical activity like Zumba, and dance fitness, these classes are a great way to help the young ones get active. Various online training sessions are focused on increasing stamina and enhancing physical fitness like boxing, stamina enhancement, martial arts, Zumba and much more. 

Camps and treks

Winter camps are one of the best activities for children. They not only make new friends but also learn key survival skills. If you can’t send your child to a camp, you can easily do a DIY camp in nearby parks, terraces, or jungle areas, and set up tasks according to the age of your child. You can also go for long treks in the morning which will also be a great way for the family to bond.

An hour of playtime

It’s important to ensure that along with schoolwork, your child gets at least one hour of playtime daily. Playtime doesn’t mean video games. You would rather choose some form of physical activity that he/she does either at home or outside. It could be as simple as walking the stairs while practising number tables – a great way to mix fun and learning.

Yoga can make kids mentally and physically strong. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Yes, you heard it right! Even children can and should meditate. Something as simple as sitting quietly for 15-30 minutes can help them immensely. Apps for guided meditation are a great place to start. This will help them gather their thoughts and be prepared to conquer the world. 

The last word

In this ever-competitive world, it is essential to pause, take a breath and then move ahead. Your child needs a break from exams, tuitions, and extra classes. As a parent myself, I make sure that my daughter gets her daily dose of physical activity. This will definitely help your child in the long run.

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