Constipated? Then hear what my #momsays about what garlic can do for your gut

If your morning loo sessions are turning out to be terrible tales for you, then hear my mum’s nuskha, which is one of the best remedies for constipation.
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Fermentation of the classic garlic can open an arena of health benefits at home.. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 31 Jan 2020, 19:15 pm IST
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A healthy gut means a healthy you—I have heard this a lot because apparently, I belong to a family who is all about staying fit. Having said that, I won’t deny that I don’t have my own share of binge sessions but then they come with a price every time. Because let’s face it, my gut has been tuned to eating healthy and if something street-styled goes in it then it calls for a strike.

But before I tell you how I cure my growling gut, I want to ask you something—what’s your morning ritual that makes or breaks your day? Is it drinking loads of water or exercising or listening to some of your favorite melodies—you know what’s mine? Well, it’s a good poop session that clears my gut so that I don’t stay constipated for an entire day. But yeh gut hai ki manta nahi.

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From antacids, powders, green tabs, soda—you name it and I have done that to make my gut feel a little better. But no remedies for constipation were helping.

And I know whom to call to tame my gut.

Mummy, please help me with my tummy
Aur khao bahar ka khana… homemade food is not good enough for you. I knew that I’m going to get an earful from my mom for this but I didn’t have any other choice but to ask her out. So what if I have been hurled a little by her—I did cheat on my diet, so that’s okay.

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Looking for remedies for constipation? Bring garlic to your rescue. GIF courtesy: GIPHY

My #momsays that G for garlic everyday will keep my G for gut healthy all the way
Eewwww! Yeah, that was my first reaction but when it turned out into an Ahhhhh, I came to know the power of eating garlic clove empty stomach.

Yes, that’s what my mom told me to do as it was one of the best remedies for constipation. She told me that every morning I need to eat a clove of garlic—empty stomach—with a glass of lukewarm water. I remember mom telling me that garlic is a powerhouse of prebiotics and probiotics, which are essential for good digestion and gut health.

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Yes, I googled it and there was a study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, that was in agreement with my mom. I was so proud.
Now my curiosity took a turn and I inquired a little more about garlic being gut-friendly.

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I was awestruck after reading what I did—I mean such simple tricks and gut problems are gone with the winds. This time I read a study, published in Food Science and Human Wellness, which ratifies that garlic is rich in functional fibre—on which good bacteria feeds—and that’s what leads to the growth of gut-friendly bacteria inside our tummy that digests everything so that our waste can be flushed out properly.

That was the day when I pledged that come what may—this garlic clove is going to be my bae. And I have no shame in saying that my potty stories have become much more blissful.

All thanks to mummy ke nuskhe and garlic’s gut friendliness. I love ya both.

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