Castor oil pack can treat constipation, pain and more, says my mom

A castor oil pack is great for a variety of reasons. It can act as a cleanser, pain relief cure as well as a constipation remedy. Read on to know how to make it
castor oil bottle and cloth
Castor oil wraps can be made by immersing cloth in oil. Image courtesy: Freepik
Anjuri Nayar Singh Published: 24 Feb 2024, 01:30 pm IST
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Castor oil is used for a host of health benefits. It can help you get relief from constipation, reducing pain and it is also anti-fungal in nature. While many people consume castor oil, a castor oil pack and wrap is also a great way to avail the benefits of this wonder oil, especially if you are looking for cures to physical ailments such as wound-healing and moisturising.

A castor oil pack or a wrap is when a piece of cloth is immersed in castor oil and then placed on a particular area. Be it promoting better blood circulation or curing digestive issues, castor oil packs and wraps might be your best bet. cosmetologist and trichologist Dr Priti Mahare tells us how to make these DIY castor oil packs and wraps and how to use them.

What is a castor oil pack?

A castor oil pack is a natural therapeutic technique in which castor oil is applied externally to get the benefits from it. “In this, a fabric is soaked in castor oil and placed on the affected area,” explains Dr Mahare. The cloth used here can be cotton flannel. Basically, a dense material needs to be used so that maximum castor oil can be absorbed by the it.

A woman using castor oil on face
Castor oil wraps are great for skin care. Image courtesy: Freepik

How to make a castor oil pack?

A castor oil wrap is easy to make. Here’s a step-wise procedure to make a castor oil wrap. To make your wrap, using hexane-free castor oil is a good idea. The steps to make your wrap are as follows:

1. Cut a piece of wool or cotton in your desired size (like rectangular or square)
2. Fill a container with castor oil.
3. Soak 3 to 4 fabrics in this completely.
4. Lay them on top of each other to create a castor oil pack.
5. Now remove this pack from the container and wrap it with a plastic sheet.
6. This pack can now be applied to the targeted area.

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How to use castor oil pack?

Once your DIY castor oil pack and wrap is ready you can get down to using it. Here is how to use it to get maximum benefits.

1. Pick a comfortable place to lay down.
2. Place a towel roll under your knees for comfort.
3. Place castor oil pack on the affected area (like skin, stomach, joints, hair)
4. Use a plastic wrap to secure the pack in the mid section.
5. Apply the heating pad over the top of plastic wrap.
6. Lay in the same position for 30 mins to 1 hour.
7. Repeat this procedure 3 times week.

Health benefits of castor oil packs

Castor oil when applied topically through a wrap or a pack, is absorbed through the skin. The applied heat helps to cast castor oil deeper. This increases the lymphocyte production and increases circulation in the lymphatic system.

1. Supports wound healing

Castor oil is known to have anti-bacterial and anti-microbrial properties. This helps with healing wounds faster. It also prevents the wound from cracking.

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2. Anti-inflammatory effects

Castor oil reduces inflammation, in fact, it also helps with conditions such as arthiritis as well as joint pain. It’s also great to reduce discomfort due to sore muscles.

3. Fights fungal infection

Castor oil has undecylenic acid, this is a biochemical agent that helps to stop the growth of fungus. So infections such as ringworm and yeast infections can be cured with castor oil packs.

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4. Lessens wrinkles

Castor oil is known to be a good moisturiser and enhances skin health. There are fatty acids present in castor oil wraps that can not only lessen wrinkles but also enhance texture of the skin.

5. Maintains complexion

Castor oil wraps and packs help with the management of uneven skin tones. Hence, it can go a long way in maintaining a healthy complexion.

6. Acts as a cleanser

Using a castor oil wrap is a great way to remove the toxins from your skin. It also helps in removing dead skin and old skin cells.

7. Promotes hair growth

It is said that a castor oil hair wrap can help increase the hair growth by five times. It also helps to moisturize the scalp and removes dandruff.

8. Helps constipation

Castor oil packs are great to cure constipation as well. A study, published in Science Direct, states that using castor oil packs and wraps makes it easier to pass bowel movements, making them softer as well.

9. Helps treat Endometriosis

Endometriosis is a condition where tissue, like the lining of the uterus, starts to grow outside it. This can make it difficult to conceive, and might also lead to pain. A castor oil pack can help to relieve this pain as it increases blood flow.

A woman treating a wound on her elbow
Castor oil wraps help with faster wound healing. Image courtesy: Freepik

What to remember while using castor oil pack?

Castor oil packs and wraps have many benefits. However, there are some points to consider while using these.

1. Avoid in pregnancy.
2. Avoid during breastfeeding.
3. Do not heat castor oil pack in the microwave.
4. Do not use it on recent injury, open or irritated skin like cuts, wounds or scratches

Please note that castor oil packs are just for relieving existing symptoms for the time being. For proper treatment, it is vital that you consult your doctor.

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