8 women reveal timeless period hacks shared with them by their mothers

We have received more than just genes from our mothers, so today we got eight women to share period hacks passed down to them with us.
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Get ready for some tried-and-tested period hacks by some real women. Let’s find out! Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Updated: 5 Oct 2020, 17:25 pm IST
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When it comes to hacks, no matter how much we have advanced with Google at our disposal, nothing can beat the advice our mothers have given us. Their tips and tricks are not only feasible, but also tried and tested for years. 

That’s why today, we got eight Indian women to share periods hacks their mothers shared with them for your benefit:

1. Papaya for a delayed period
“Whenever my period used to get delayed, my mother would give me a few slices of papaya to eat. And surprisingly, every time I would get my period within a few days. I swear by this hack even now for whenever my periods are delayed.” —Kritika Sah, 21

2. Sugar and salt water to beat the nausea
“A little bit of sugar and salt dissolved in a big glass of water helps me in beating nausea during my periods, and I’m so very grateful for my mother for telling me this.” —Sanjana Shaw, 21

3. A big no to painkillers
“My mother was always against taking pills—whether it is a period delaying one or a painkiller. Less medicines mean no hormonal interference and greater pain threshold.” —Sejal Agarwal, 19

Is it not at all a good idea to delay periods by popping a pill. GIF courtesy: GIPHY.

4. Eat clean
“My mum always says clean and healthy food is what you need. I used to crave a lot of junk and sugary foods during my periods, but ever since I have refrained from eating junk food and switched to a healthier diet, I feel a lot better and have lesser mood swings.” —Sneha Kumari, 25

5. Ajwain water for ramps
“ Ever since my periods began, I have had bad cramps. My mum would give me ajwain water to deal with it; and with time, my cramps have become less severe.” —Supriya Shaw, 21

6. Switching to a menstrual cup
“By advising me to switch to a menstrual cup, my mother has given me the best advice. Not only is it great for the environment, but I feel much more comfortable now.”—Asha Singh, 21

7. The ultimate pad hack
“I use my regular pads even during the night, so to avoid staining my mother told me to stick the sanitary napkin more towards the rear. I don’t know about others, but this has worked really well for me.” —Nirupama Shaw, 25

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8. Avoiding sour food
“Sour foods like tamarind and pickles are a no-no during periods for me. My mother always asked me to avoid them, and rightly so because every time I eat these foods they end up messing my menstrual flow.” —Sakshi Singh, 22

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