A newborn’s skin is sensitive! Keep it healthy with these 5 tips

Keeping a check on your baby's skin is essential because it's sensitive. Follow these skin care tips for newborns to tackle skin problems.
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Dr Prathibha Babshet Published: 28 Nov 2022, 15:10 pm IST
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Skin blemishes are quite common in newborn babies. Their skin is very delicate and needs a lot of pampering and care. It takes a while for them to adjust to the external environment, especially during winter. Hence, their skin is extra sensitive and easily reacts to even the slightest discomfort. Taking good care is important to prevent probable infections and allergies. Read on to find some skincare tips for newborn babies.

5 tips to make sure the baby’s skin stays smooth and healthy throughout the year:

1. Follow the best bathing practices

Frequent bathing strips the natural oil that protects the baby’s skin and may leave it dry, and vulnerable, and even aggravate eczema. Short baths between 5-10 minutes can help. One can use lukewarm water (or warm water during winter but make sure water is not too hot) and avoid letting the baby sit, play, or soak for long in soapy water. Choosing a baby soap infused with Indian aloe vera, almond oil, and olive oil can help cleanse the baby’s skin without causing post-bath dryness. It is necessary to pat dry the baby completely before putting them in clothing or a diaper as it might cause rashes.

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2. Moisturize well

Unlike us, babies’ skin tends to dry more because of the skin formation of the baby. Keeping the newborn’s skin moisturized is the key to keeping dryness and external irritants at bay. Regular moisturizing seals the natural moisture on the skin and helps to maintain a natural protective barrier. One can use a lotion composed of shea butter and kokum butter to intensely moisturize the baby’s delicate skin and keep it hydrated, soft, and supple for long. You can also consult with an expert before using any products to avoid the risk of allergies.

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3. Diapering essentials

The skin around the diaper area needs to be handled with extra care as it is prone to infections. Changing the child’s diaper at frequent intervals, wiping gently but thoroughly each time with baby wipes, and using a nappy rash cream are necessary. Diapers infused with a blend of natural ingredients like aloe vera and zinc form a protective anti-rash shield that helps to reduce the activity of harmful enzymes, inhibit the growth of microbes, and helps to prevent diaper rash. To provide comfort and care to the baby, it is important to use a diaper with a soft, easy-to-fit design.

4. Massage well

Regular massage to the baby keeps their skin soft and supple and improves blood circulation. Massage not only keeps the baby’s skin moisturized but also fosters a bond between the child and the mother. Also, massage keeps babies calm and relaxed. One can use a massage oil infused with olive and winter cherry. These are mild and can help nourish the skin while retaining moisture.

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Massage can soothe your baby and help with better sleep. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

5. Dress lightly

Make sure the little one’s garments are clean, soft, and loose to prevent prickly heat rashes. It is necessary to wash baby clothes, bedding, and blankets separately from the family’s laundry to avoid skin allergies. During winter, choose breathable fabrics that keep your baby’s skin healthy. One can also use a gentle baby laundry wash with natural antibacterial ingredients.


A child deserves every bit of pampering that one can offer. It is advisable to choose chemical-free products that are gentle on the skin and dermatologically tested. Providing optimum skincare from early childhood will ensure the baby has problem-free skin as he/she grows.

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