3 lessons to learn from Mira Rajput Kapoor’s effective approach to parenting

Mira Rajput Kapoor keeps everything when it comes to her parenting style with the strong intention of raising kids who are down-to-earth.
Mira Rajput Kapoor
It’s all about keeping it simple, according to Mira! Image courtesy: Mira Rajput/Instagram
Grace Bains Published: 2 Feb 2021, 19:09 pm IST
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Parenting is not easy at all and especially so when you have two kids with barely a couple of years apart. There’s no doubt that the special moments make it all worth it, but no mom will deny how stressful it can all be. Mira Rajput Kapoor, mommy to two of the cutest Bollywood babies, realizes this and is often seen using her social media presence to dish out some parenting tips that can benefit all her fellow-mommies!

It’s so clear from Mira’s Instagram feed that Misha, 4, and Zain, 2, keep their mommy busy with a lot of mischief and games. But, any parent knows how much hard work goes into raising happy and healthy kids. Parenting is a roller-coaster journey and Mira is constantly sharing how she manages with her followers on social media.

Her parenting style is all about keeping it simple because she intends for her children to be aware of the world around them but also be down-to-earth. Here are three of Mira’s parenting ways that any parent will find useful:

1. Be open to receiving advice but do what you think is best

Mother does know best! Be it your body going through pregnancy, or raising your kids, Mira believes that you have to go with your gut instinct and do what you think will be best instead of blindly following advice that mommies often find themselves receiving too much of.

She has been quoted saying: “I didn’t read any books. Listen to yourself, listen to your body – that’s the best advice I’ve got. My family, my sisters, my mom, everyone gave me so much advice, and the best advice I actually got was to not to follow anything blindly. My sisters are moms themselves, and they gave me very practical advice. I read nothing because I didn’t want an overload of information and I didn’t want to get stressed.”

2. Ensure your kids stay in touch with nature

Children today are born with too much technology around them. They understand how the internet works and what social media is all about much before they understand the world they inhabit. But, it is important for children to stay in touch with nature in order to have a strong touch with reality, be aware of environmental issues and develop a scientific temperament. Hence, Mira ensures Misha and Zain spend time outdoors regularly and understand more about the world by experiencing nature. The mommy finds happiness in the fact that her babies can already identify some vegetables and insects!

3. Stick to the roots

Mira is very clear about the fact that she wants both her children to grow up in a modern world but with a strong attachment to where they come from. She believes that doing so will help them be individuals who are down-to-earth with a strong sense of their identity being based in tradition. For this, she ensures they’re aware of their culture, be it food or medicine systems. She exposes them to the magic of Ayurveda, serves them home-made meals and little Misha is already learning more about Kathak from her dadi Neelima!

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Ladies, you can take a tip or two from Mira when it comes to parenting!

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