11 women share beauty hacks, passed down to them by their mums, that they swear by

Natural cures work better than any chemical-laden product. And proof and testament of this are these beauty tips from real women, given to them by their mums.
beauty hacks
You can trust these all-natural hacks. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published: 26 Sep 2020, 01:45 pm IST
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In a time when most skincare products are laden with chemicals, many of us have been going back to the gharelu nushkas our mother and grandmothers have given us. 

From luscious home-made masks that cure every blemish to holistic remedies that pave the way for gorgeous things, our mothers tend to a plethora of beauty hacks. That’s why today we’ve asked 11 Indian women to share the beauty tips, passed on to them by their mother, that they swear by. 

1. Aloe vera
“Nothing beats fresh aloe vera gel from my garden. My mother and I use it as a face wash. We take out the gel directly from the plant and then apply it on our face and then rinse it off.”—Kritika Sah, 21

2. Multani mitti, dahi and honey
“Ever since I remember, my mother has made me use multani mitti, dahi and honey face pack every Sunday. When I needed more cleansing she would add a bit of lemon juice to it. Trust me, it works like magic on my skin.”—Divya Singh, 20

3. Coffee and milk
“As much as I love drinking coffee, I love applying it on my face as well. The small granules in instant coffee clear out my skin and gently exfoliates. Whereas the milk hydrates and heals my skin.”—Hina Verma, 23

beauty hacks
This coffee scrub can completely transform your skin. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

4. Haldi, besan and honey
“I tend to get tanned very easily and whenever I do I trust this homemade mask made out of besan, haldi and honey. It somehow instantly brightens up my skin leaving it soft and glowy.”—Divya Sharma, 21

5. Lots and lots of water
“My mother always believed that a hydrated body results in hydrated skin. So water is really essential for me, it gives me clear and radiant skin. Whenever I’m dehydrated my skin looks so dull and pale. So drinking three litres of water a day is a must for me.” Anupama Shaw, 29

6. Honey and coffee scrub
“I love exfoliating my skin with a scrub made of honey and coffee. Honey makes the exfoliating process so much easier for my extremely dry skin. It nourishes my skin from deep within and doesn’t strip away the oil.” Sejal Agarwal, 19

7. Raw honey
“Nothing nourishes my skin like honey. I love cleansing my face every now and then with honey. Not only does it moisturise my skin but also gives a subtle glow to my face.” Supriya Shaw, 21

beauty hacks
Give your face a kiss of honey. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

8. Dahi and besan
“Ever since I was a kid my mother used to apply besan and dahi paste all over my body before my annual function or special occasion. Nowadays I use it every once in a while. This paste has not only made my skin texture better but also makes me glow naturally.” Harkirat Goraya, 22

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9. Multani mitti and aloe vera
“I mix these two ingredients and use it as a face mask, face wash, and body wash. It cleanses my skin like no other and I really enjoy how my skin feels after that.” Aysha Dhyani, 22

10. Oats and curd
“My skin is very sensitive and oily, so this mask absorbs all the oil without breaking me out. Just a tablespoon of soaked oats in curd and there you go, your mask is ready. I love how easy and versatile this mask is to prepare.” Asha Singh, 21

11. Green tea and honey
“Green tea does wonders for my skin and I cannot thank it enough. I prepared a cleanser with two parts of green tea and one part of honey for washing my face regularly. This gives me baby soft skin.” Sayani Sinha, 21

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