A mind coach decodes the nuances of an ideal work-life balance

Isn't a proper work-life balance is something you wish for? Well, if you find it mythical, wait till you try some of these tips!
Work life balance
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Preeti Rampal Singh Published: 11 Oct 2022, 19:00 pm IST
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A rather idyllic concept, work-life balance, is a myth for a lot of working professionals who juggle long hours of work, impossible deadlines, personal commitments and mental health. This, in a world, which is slowly getting back on its axis after the Covid-19 pandemic wobbles. Not taking away from the fact that jobs are inherently stressful, one also has to take cognizance of the unprecedented pressure the global Covid-19 pandemic mounted on the people.

Most professionals faced an absolute lifestyle change as the world went online to work around a deadly virus and its uncertain environment. Caught in the middle of work-from home and hybrid working cultures, people found themselves in a fix amidst long working hours, juggling house chores while revamping work profiles to seamlessly fall in step with the digital world, as a deadly virus was rampant outside.

We are in the third year of the pandemic now and even as things have significantly eased, it’s only getting worse for workers with each passing day, with the inadequacy of psychological well-being and flawed perception of safety. Added to this is a burden of employment security considering the recent lay-offs particularly in start-up sectors.

How to maintain balance in life
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Work-life balance in post Covid-19 pandemic world

If going online for work was tiresome, coming back offline after two long years is equally taxing. This is a toll on the emotional quotient (EQ) of employees which inadvertently led to domino effect of one’s peace at the tipping off of burnout. To say stress and chronic stress due to work are not necessarily new in a working environment, the sharply rising scale of the same since 2020, is concerning.

As per Microsoft’s latest Work Trend Index, India among other countries is facing employee burnout severely. Interestingly, the same survey also reveals how 53 percent of employees across the globe are more likely to prioritize health and well-being over work than before the pandemic.

Workers and professionals are more cautious of their working environments and quality of life by adopting a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise. A major chunk, however, continues to deal with episodes of anger and breakdowns at work. This is primarily because people are often torn between the choice of building their careers or their lives, which more than often leaves them at the crossroads of aspirations and emotional well-being. And the decisions taken here usually come at the cost of mental stress.

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How to manage work-life balance

If there is anything more important than having a balanced diet is a balanced life. From our actions to our behaviour and attitude to do things, we shape reality for ourselves. We must pay attention to the fact that this reality is aligned with ourselves and that it is fine if this does not appease the external world
These are decisions and choices that one takes for their own eternal happiness and this attitude can be build up only by focusing on basics of the life – eating right, building thoughts and physical fitness through any form of exercise.

1. Prioritise well

It is essential in today’s day and age that workers prioritise how they work, and give time to themselves. It is very common for people to not be able to differentiate between their personal and professional identities and they don’t have to also, in most cases. A person cannot isolate themselves from their lives to work. But one must understand the ability to priority and timing of thoughts and that is possible if the mind is calm.

2. Focus on physical and mental health

It is imperative for a person to take care of their physical and mental health if they wish to be efficient in work. Feeding the right thoughts to the mind are equally important as the right food to the body. How you think, what kind of people you are surrounded with and what kind of books and social media you follow plays very important role in building your emotional quotient.

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3. Food and fitness

Exercise and a balanced diet are not just important to your body but it is more important to your brain and EQ.

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4. Have a life beyond work

To put things in perspective, work-life balance is a cycle more than it’s an achievement. It’s benefits, thus, more rewarding than only other personal and professional milestone. For the flair of drama, one may also call it the key to a happier life which is shaped on the foundation of holistic well-being.

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