Winter is here and so is seasonal affective depression. Try these 5 ways to beat it

Don’t worry, be happy, and if winter is coming in between you and your happy mood then we’ve got you covered. Try these tips and ward off winter blues.
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Team Health Shots Updated: 11 Apr 2022, 23:09 pm IST
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It’s the middle of December and winter is officially here. And with a neverending urge to stay cozy in bed, sleep all day, and drink cups and cups of hot chocolate comes SAD, a.k.a. seasonal affective depression.

Let’s figure out what SAD actually is
Seasonal laziness is one of the symptoms of SAD. It can be best described as a biological condition that occurs and ends around this time every year. Most of its symptoms begin to present themselves in the winter months. 

But why does this happen during the winter?
Well, let’s blame our biological clock for this. Also, a reduction in the level of sunlight, drop in the production of serotonin in the brain (which affects our mood), and change in levels of melatonin which design our sleeping pattern all contribute to this.

While one out of three people might be affected by SAD, we often fail to recognize it due to a lack of attention to our behavior. 

What does SAD look like?
Symptoms like depression, anxiety, mood changes, sleep changes, sleep problems, lethargy, overeating, social problems, and sexual problems like loss of libido are all signs. 

Feel like you’re at the brink?
Here are some ways to beat the gloom this winter:

1. Soak in some sunlight
According to an article published in the Harvard Health Blog, sunlight therapy can help you deal with depression, especially when it’s season driven. A 30 minutes sunbath, after you wake up, is enough.

Seasonal Affective Depression
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2. Exercise is the way to kick away the winter blues
Exercise is known to have a positive effect on your body. Be it running, yoga, or a half-hour session in a gym–you can pick any to feel energised and positive.

3. You can’t beat SAD empty stomach so, eat a healthy diet
Now remember, when you exercise, your body burns a lot of calories. You need to replenish it. A healthy body also needs a healthy diet to support a healthy routine.

4. Meditation, your winter buddy
Another method to feel good amidst all the winter blues is meditation. The Harvard Health Blog suggests that meditation helps in improving symptoms in people suffering from depression and anxiety. Even a 10-minute session every day can make a difference.

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5. If nothing works then call a doc
It’s always better to take expert advice rather than just letting go–trust us, it can have serious repercussions. If a mere cold or fever makes you visit a doctor or take medicine then why not take care of your mental health as well? So, do it before it’s too late.

Remember, winter blues are just seasonal–you might not have them throughout the year. However, it is better to keep your mental health in perfect shape, even in the gloomiest season of the year.

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