3 wellness moves to help you unlock your potential in 2022

Wellness has caught on among people. Try incorporating these wellness moves as a part of your routine for your happiness.
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Isabelle Karan Published: 13 Feb 2022, 14:00 pm IST
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The Covid-19 pandemic has really nudged us, to shape up our well-being at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. We all have a unique definition of well-being and it is more than just being free of disease. Well-being or wellness means that we are able to tap into our complete potential, enjoy an energetic and joyous lifestyle, and sustain meaningful relationships.

Even more so, wellness is defined by our ability to tackle challenges, and quickly bounce back to a state of ease. A healthy nervous system is a resilient nervous system. But where should we start this journey and what are the top trends right now? As we all know, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. The key ingredient is self-knowledge, and hence well-being is a work in progress.

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How to ensure wellness?

1. Take the help of a wellness coach

Every human holds tremendous potential within. The question is how can we unlock this potential. How can we become the very best version of ourselves? Knowingly and unknowingly, we all have self-limiting beliefs and doctrines given by society, do`s and don’ts we picked up from somewhere, failures and traumas we lived through, and somehow survived. All these events leave an imprint on our minds, shaping us and our reality.

A coach takes you by your hand, and their whole and sole purpose is to help you, and uncover your amazing self. Free yourselves from these limiting beliefs and redefine who you really are. You are the creator of your reality, you are the hero of your movie. Having a coach is the best gift you can offer yourselves in 2022!

2. Invest in rest

Life is life — it is beautiful and demanding, full of magic, and yet absolutely stressful. Our modern life is not just fast, it is speeding on multiple levels. A few years ago, showing the world that we are super busy meant we are super successful. But this has changed.

Mindful resting is the new face of success. But we can’t just hit the brake while racing full speed right? Mindful resting is the key and yoga nidra offers the perfect solution. It offers deep relaxation and rejuvenates the body in 30 minutes, like you would normally do in 3-4 hours of deep sleep. And if we are honest, deep sleep is a luxury to most of us.

In Europe, big corporates have incorporated yoga nidra, and offer this guided rest over lunch breaks. It is practiced by lying on a yoga mat and guess what: you are not supposed to fall asleep! It is a guided, conscious, and deep relaxation. Your body will thank you with better digestion and in return, it means, you will be physically stronger and mentally sharper. The stress level drops, brain fog disappears and your body feels refreshed.

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3. Observe your breath

All over the world, breath awareness and pranayama are booming. Why is that so? Breath and mind are very closely connected. If the mind is racing, we breathe fast and shallow. If we are relaxed, the breath flows deep and slow into the belly.

Obviously, this has an effect on the oxygen and Co2 levels in your blood, and eventually impacts your nervous system. But taking this a step further, if the mind can influence the breath, we should be able to use the breath to influence our mind? BINGO. And this is a very powerful tool, which you can use, in the middle of a meeting or a hectic debate. The breath is always with you, we just need to learn to harness its power. Simple techniques offer amazing and often immediate results.

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Get to know your breath and you get to know who you are.

Try incorporating these wellness moves in your life, and see the difference!

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