What is a Type A Personality? Know how to live with it

Type A personality includes traits such as being overambitious, over focused as well as competitive. Here is everything you need to know
A girl stressed out in front of a laptop.
Type A personality traits include being over competitive and stressed out. Image courtesy: Pexels
Anjuri Nayar Singh Published: 19 Feb 2024, 08:15 pm IST
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Be it your habits, mannerisms, way of talking – everything has its roots in your personality. Our personality depends on our tendencies and can be categorised as four types – type A, B, C and D. Type A and Type B personalities are at different sides of the spectrum. While one personality type can be described as someone who is impatient, dominating but highly competent, another personality type can have people who are more relaxed and want to live a stress-free life.

However, people who fall within the scope of one type of personality, might not have all the traits, and personality types may even intersect. Health Shots got in touch with psychologist Dr Mala Murlidhar to understands the various traits of Type A personality and how if differs from Type B personality.

What is type A personality?

People who have a type A personality are seen to be focused on their goals and achievements. “They tend to minimise all the other areas of life and prioritise one area. There is a sense of urgency in doing tasks and not being able to live in the present. These people can achieve things and are highly capable,” explains Dr Murlidhar. They may showcase the following traits:

  • Easily irritable and impatient
  • Controlling or dominating
  • Overlook self-care needs
  • Experience stress when there are delays
  • Ambitious
  • Multitask

The pros of type A personality can be seen as high achievement and success. “They are very diligent and can achieve wealth and recognition. However, they might face long term physical or mental conditions,” says Dr Murlidhar.

A woman on a work desk
People with Type A personality tend to ignore self care. Image courtesy: Pexels

How does the environment affect Type A personality?

The environment has a major effect on shaping people with Type A personality. You might have grown up in a very competitive environment at home, and that might be the reason for your over ambitious nature. “A highly critical growing environment and high expectations and pressure on the child by the adult environment, can lead to a Type A personality of the child. Growing up, kids tend to internalise this pressure as their sense of identity. This can make them highly critical and push themselves to high standards,” explains Dr Murlidhar.

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Tips to live a good life with Type A personality

Your personality type defines who you are, and you don’t have to try to change that. However, living in a highly competitive state of mind all the time can be taxing. Here are some ways to relax and take a breather:

1. Be aware of their weaknesses

It is very important to understand your triggers and what leads you to stress yourself out. Once these are identifies, you can tackle them before they start to affect you.

2. Learning kindness

Try to focus on purposely being kind to others. Being compassionate to the needs of others also helps.

3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a very helpful tool. It helps you to learn how to focus on the here and now.

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4. Developing hobbies

Taking time to follow your hobbies and your interests can help to reduce stress, and give you that required breather as well.

A woman doing yoga
Doing Yoga, meditating and taking breaks can help people with type A personality feel better. Image courtesy: Pexels

5. Take breaks

While you might not feel the need to, it is very important to pause and relax for a bit. Meditation, yoga or just concentrating on your breathing can help with doing this.

6. Workout

Even if it is not a strenuous work out regime, just exercising for 15-20 minutes every day, jogging around the park, or a simple walk can help clear your mind.

7. Professional help

If you feel that things are going out of hand, you are very stressed out and anxious, getting professional help may help you deal better. A mental health expert can guide you on how to find your stress-triggers.

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