Doctor’s Day: How can doctors improve their relationship with patients

Building a strong doctor patient relationship can benefit patients and a doctor to treat a person more effectively. Here's how you can improve it.
doctor-patient relationship
You can better comprehend your patients' requirements if you have a good relationship with them. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Team Health Shots Updated: 30 Jun 2022, 13:59 pm IST
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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought tremendous changes when it comes to the doctor-patient relationship. It has completely transformed the way doctors diagnose, treat, follow-up, and interact with patients. The doctor-patient relationship has improved by leaps and bounds as patients are able to seek timely intervention even at their homes due to telecommunication. This Doctor’s Day, let us find out how medical professionals can improve their bond with patients.

Yes, telemedicine has become a boon during the pandemic. It allows the doctor to talk over the phone or video, look at the patient, notice his or her facial expressions, visual signals, and body language, and then decide the further course of treatment. This is a great way to minimize the risk of Covid-19 infection in patients, and they can only visit the hospital when required. Since social distancing is a norm, teleconsultation has helped patients get involved in their examination procedures. They have become attentive, were able to spot warning signs, and report them to the doctor on time.

doctor-patient relationship
Always try to communicate with your doctor. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Traveling was difficult during the lockdown, and many patients lived far away. So, here, telecommunication was the best way to connect to the patients to get that much-needed relief. Having a good connection with the patients can help to understand their needs and enhance their overall health.

Know how the doctor-patient relationship can be improved for better outcomes:

1. Show some sympathy to the patient

You should show some sympathy, especially when you have to pass on bad news. If you have any personal examples relating to the patient’s story, then share them with him/her. This way, the patient will be able to relate to you.

2. Don’t be in a hurry

Being a doctor, you may have an erratic schedule. But, you need to give some time to the patient to describe his or her symptoms. Else, they will not fully understand the problem and the doctor will not be able to come up with the right line of treatment.

doctor-patient relationship
The Covid-19 pandemic has been tough on doctors so you can take a step forward in maintaining a strong relationship! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

3. Be a good friend to the patient

Make sure that the patient is involved in the decision-making rather than just imposing things on them. Try to clear all the doubts of the patient and help them weigh the pros and cons of the treatment.

4. Help patients deal with their emotions

The doctor will have to be attentive and notice the facial expressions of the patients. Try to calm him/her when necessary. Try to become the patient’s trusted partner. Help them to address their feelings.

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