Independence Day: Know how the ‘tiranga’ colours can help you heal

The Indian flag has colours that can also heal your body and mind, as per colour therapy! On India's Independence Day, let's find out the healing wonders of the tiranga.
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Radhika Bhirani Updated: 15 Aug 2022, 14:23 pm IST
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For India’s Independence Day 2022 celebrations, citizens are participating with full gusto in ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’, a campaign to celebrate the Indian flag and patriotism. Each colour of the tricolour signifies a value – saffron for strength and courage, white for peace and truth and green for growth and faith. Did you know that these colours also have the ability to heal you emotionally?

Well, elements such as light and colour have been used as part of healing since ancient times. It is an intrinsic part of chromotherapy, or colour therapy, which has its roots in Indian medicine, traditional Chinese healing, and ancient Egyptian culture.

Think about how you feel when you look at the clear blue sky and white clouds on a sunny summer day! Or the feelings that are induced when you see the dark skies.

Life coach and astrologer Sheetal Shaparia says that according to believers of this therapy, colours have the power to affect people’s moods due to their visual appeal.

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“Colours might influence your temper, emotions, feelings, and even your state of mind. Apart from its visual effects, it is said to heal the soul and boost positivity,” Shaparia tells Health Shots.

Benefits of chromotherapy:

* Stimulates the senses
* Balances the body and mind
* Elevates moods
* Calms chaotic minds
* Stimulates cell regeneration
* Heals the body, mind, and soul

There are two major techniques followed using this method

By sight: This requires looking at a particular colour to get the desired response in the body.

By reflection: This involves reflecting identified colour on certain body parts.

“People who have used colour therapy share that it has helped alleviate their problems such as stress, negative energy, depression, anxiety, and aggressiveness,” she adds.

How can colours of the Indian flag heal via chromotherapy

Sheetal Shaparia helps us to explore the importance of the colours in the Indian flag and their significance in conjunction with colour therapy. Come, let’s find out, and celebrate the fervour of Independence Day 2022.

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1. Saffron

This top-most colour of the Indian flag symbolises our freedom fighters’ strength, courage, and sacrifice. The colour is either orange or yellow, depending on your perception. The colour Saffron is created by mixing yellow and orange, and is considered a pious colour.

It signifies a new light that enters your life, eliminating negative forces in exchange for positive energy.

2. White

White colour light stimulates the lymphatic system. It is commonly used for cleanliness and knowledge. It also denotes healing and is commonly used for truth-seeking, purification, inspiration, protection, and spiritual healing.

The white in the Indian flag’s middle band symbolises the path of truth, peace, and honesty for the nation.

3. Blue

The blue on the Dharma Chakra at the center of the flag signifies the ‘wheel of law’. It was made by Ashoka, the great Mauryan Emperor, in the 3rd century BC. It shows that there is death in stagnation and life in movement.

In colour therapy, blue is used because of its calming properties. It stimulates the parasympathetic system, increases digestive juices, and relaxes the muscle in the
gastrointestinal tract. It reduces blood pressure and calms both the breathing and heart rate. It is considered to be anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing. It is used widely for relaxation and fights physical and mental tension.

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Moreover, it controls blood pressure and is good for dealing with nervous breakdowns due to its calming qualities. People with insomnia are advised to use low voltage dark blue light to improve sleep quality.

4. Green

The colour green is used in the bottom-most band of the tricolour and denotes the land’s fertility, growth, development, and auspiciousness.

Green is the most basic colour and represents nature and earth. Chromotherapy regulates pituitary glands and fights bulimia, depression, and other psychosomatic conditions that affect the body’s gastrointestinal system. It assists in recovery from nervous system fighting irritability. It is good for treating insomnia as it is known for its calming properties.

The last word

Chromotherapy is used to heal physical, mental, and spiritual energy imbalances. It has been reported to reduce swelling and inflammation, accelerate wound healing, and relieve pain.

“Its use has been gaining popularity in recent years; however, it is still not accepted by western medicine as an alternative treatment option,” says Shaparia.

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