New Year Special: 23 things to say NO to in 2023 for your health

New Year: Want to make life better in 2023? Say a big NO to outdated beliefs, ideas, and thought pattern. Here’s a list of 23 such things.
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In New Year 2023, set your priorities right! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Published: 29 Dec 2022, 12:32 pm IST
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It’s New Year, and many of us must be thinking to reach out to our notepad to jot down some new year’s resolutions and plans. The idea is to look ways to make life better. But as much as we wish to create space in our lives for better things by keeping our homes, body, and mind clean, we must also understand that to achieve so, we need to learn to say NO to our outdated beliefs and patterns. By ruling out the possibility of self-limiting beliefs and lifestyle habits, success and happiness in the coming year will be all yours.

In 2023, learn to say no to these habits, beliefs, or ideas

Health Shots got in touch with clinical psychiatrist Dr Kamna Chhibber and Dr Jyoti Kapoor, senior psychiatrist and founder, Manasthali, to get a list of 23 things we should say no to this new year. Doing so will help you make life better every day.

1. Lack of exercise

“A sedentary lifestyle is bad for your mental health. Exercise naturally enhances the mood,” says Dr Kapoor, and we can’t deny it. The benefits of exercise have been underlined enough over the years. It’s true that regular exercise keeps your mind and body in shape and healthy by lifting up your spirit to do better.

23 things to say no to
Get your body moving, and try out quick exercises for better body, and mind. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

2. Social media addiction

As per Dr Kapoor, various researchers have stated that excessive use of social media can promote anxiety and feelings of low self-esteem in teenagers. It is for our good that we break that loop of addiction to focus on improving the quality of our lives. Excessive social media consumption can lead to eye strain and mental strain too, and so, count it in your New Year resolutions to reduce it!

3. Toxic behaviour

Indulging in toxic behaviour or becoming a victim to it are both not good for your health. Learn to become more compassionate, kind and loving towards others and not be the reason for someone else’s pain. This will go a long way in improving your mental health in 2023.

4. Negative thought pattern

We often find ourselves stuck in vicious negative thoughts. It’s time to break the cycle and do things to shake ourselves out of immobility. Being positive and hopeful can change our perspective and help us see the brighter side of things.

5. Judgment

How quick are we to pass on that judgmental glare to others, isn’t it? Learn to come from a place of compassion and understanding towards others by trying to know their story first, rather than dismissing them.

6. Constant comparison

Unhappy people have this constant habit of comparing their life to others and tend to stay in a state of low energy and envious feelings. Learn to be content with what you have, knowing that the divine powers are working in your favour for your highest good.

7. Unnecessary guilt

It’s time to let go of all the past regrets and guilt to welcome abundance in your life.

8. Not putting your needs first

Dr Kapoor says, “Put your needs first, even if it is just the need to rest. You’re the best judge of what you need and when.”

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9. Grudges

Holding on to grudges and disdain towards others only hurts us more than we realise. So, Dr Kamna Chhibber advises to spread love, light, and happiness everywhere by letting go of all grudges.

10. Lack of focus

Focus can take your life to heights. Practice meditation to improve your knowledge of self and focus. It will help you improve time management and life in general.

11. Blaming situations and people

We are the only ones responsible for whatever goes right and wrong in our lives, and no one else. So, own up to your mistakes and rectify them rather than play blame game.

12. Rigidity in thought

It’s time to let loose and let life unfold in its natural pattern. Welcome changes by saying goodbye to self-limiting beliefs or uptight thought patterns.

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13. Anticipation of bad outcomes

Don’t conclude anything before you truly know. If anything, try to think the best for yourself and your future, and don’t reach bad conclusions beforehand.

14. Lack of sleep hygiene

Sleep is essential for our physical and mental resilience. The Sleep Health Foundation reports that 60 to 90 percent of patients with depression also have insomnia. So, focus on quantity of sleep as well as quality of sleep.

23 things to say no to
Try out ways to improve your sleep quality. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

15. Procrastination

Success is 1% of the idea and 99% of the execution. Stop delaying and start working to breathe your dreams into life.

16. Addressing your issues with courage

We usually run away from addressing long-standing issues and concerns. It’s time to face the reality and do your bit to make your situation better.

17. Long-held stereotypes

Clinging to old beliefs is never going to take you to places. Release all those no-so-good stereotypes and welcome a fresh, and better perspective in life.

18. Judging your body

Our bodies will never look the same as time passes. It’s time that we start looking in the mirror to embrace self love in whatever shape you are in! This is one of the most important mental health tips for 2023 because you’ve got to accept yourself first before expecting others to do so.

19. Dodging self-improvement

Dr Chhibber says, “Stop showing reluctance in taking the next steps towards self-improvement.” Strive to become the best version of yourself every single day.

20. Unhealthy substances

We partake in processed foods, aerated drinks, and what not. Start becoming mindful of what you feed your body with because you are what you eat, after all! Aren’t you?

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23 things to say no to
Say no un healthy eating and drinking habits this new year!

21. Co-dependency

Dr Kapoor says, “Co-dependency interferes with your ability to enjoy a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship. Families pass the learned behavior of co-dependency down through the generations”, but we’ve got to learn to be on our own too! Enjoying your own company is essential to a happy life.

22. Unsafe sex

Consent is important as is protection in sex. Indulge in safe sex practices for your mental and physical well-being.

23. Toxic relationships

It’s one of the most prominent reasons for mental health illnesses. Such relationships make you feel incompetent and anxious all the time, so say NO to it.

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