Is communication an effective way to solve mental health problems? 

Several people who suffer from mental health problems find talking to a professional therapist a challenge but communication is the key.
mental health problems
Communication is a key ingredient in mental health recovery. Image courtesy; Shutterstock
Sheetal Shaparia Published: 5 Jun 2022, 18:30 pm IST
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Our state of mental well-being encompasses the emotional, psychological, and social aspects of our lives. But do you know that mental health problems are as common as cold and fever? However,  most of us tend to sideline our mental health issues because of social stigma and judgment, which makes us suffer in silence and add to our existing difficulties. In fact, several people who suffer from mental health problems find talking to a professional therapist a challenge.

Why should you seek help?

It is vital to understand that positive mental health can help you realize your true potential and enhance your abilities. You will be able to tackle challenges and respond to daily stress in a more effective way. This leads to an improvement in the quality of the life you lead. On the other hand, poor mental health can adversely affect the way you think, act and feel, thereby wreaking havoc on other aspects of your life as well.

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You should follow a healthy lifestyle to keep your mental health in check. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Hence, get the right help when you need it. While some individuals benefit from seeking professional help, joining a support group, or an online support forum, others are more comfortable talking it out with people close to them. If you decide on talking about your feelings with someone, remember to find a non-judgmental, fair, and open-minded person to confide in, someone who will not break the confidence placed on them.

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How can communication resolve mental health issues?

If you talk about what you are going through, it brings relief from the emotional and mental stress you have been enduring for long. Communicating your troubles with someone can calm you down and make you think rationally.  It will feel like a huge weight has been lifted from your back and give clarity to your thoughts that help you make better decisions in life. However, many people believe that talking about their problems is a sign of weakness. They don’t feel comfortable being vulnerable as they feel they may be burdening their loved ones by unloading their troubles.

Albeit, of all the solutions that different people and professionals provide, being listened to is the most important. Being heard is someone affirming that you are visible, that the tension in your head is real. That validation is the support people crave for in the lonely walk towards positive mental health.

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Take care of your mental health. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Besides communication, how can else can thoughts be conveyed?

Some have trouble finding the right words to say, they’re just not good at expressing themselves. Others are overcome by emotions and are not able to share their problems. So if you cannot communicate openly, write about what you are going through and put what it feels like inside your head onto a paper. Writing it down or sharing it via text or letters eases the tension in such a situation.

The best part of talking about your mental health is that by opening up, you are not just healing alone, you are encouraging many to speak up. You give them the courage and let them know that it is alright to talk about mental health problems.

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