Holi 2022: Do you know how colours can uplift your mood?

Holi 2022: On this vibrant festival, let’s know how colours and mood are interlinked. Yes, colours can impact our lives in a positive way.
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Colours can be therapeutic for you. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Geetika Sachdev Updated: 17 Mar 2022, 20:49 pm IST
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We are surrounded by colours. Blue, pink, red, white, green, and yellow — the choices are endless. Interestingly, colours impact us more than we know. Did you know that colours and mood have a connect? Yes, they can not just brighten up our mood, but also alter our diets, and also influence us to think of a person as attractive. Artist Pablo Picasso had once said, “Colours like features, follow the changes of emotions.” On the occasion of the festival of Holi, let’s take a look at how the presence of colours impacts our lives in a positive manner.

When it comes to Indian culture, we love celebrating festivals. There’s love and light, colours and camaraderie, and that’s what we can’t get enough of. Colours, especially, add to the vibrancy in the atmosphere, and enhance the celebratory vibe. So, why are colours so important for all of us?

Colour therapy is also used for treating certain ailments. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Before we get to the details of the relationship between colours and mood, let’s first understand what colour psychology is all about.

What is colour psychology?

It was in 1666 that English scientist Isaac Newton discovered that when pure white light passes through a prism, it separates into various colours. As we already know, each colour has a single wavelength. While each of these colours cannot be separated further, they can be combined to form other colours.

It is this very nature of colours that helps to influence thoughts and actions, feelings and emotions, which is why they are regarded so essential. That’s where colour psychology steps in.

The therapeutic effect: The link between colours and mood

Every person has a personal association with colours, but some of these shades have a universal meaning. For instance, colours in the red area are known as warm colours — these are red, orange, and yellow. There are some people who experience warmth and comfort, when they look at these colours. Others may sense negative emotions like anger.

The colours that are a part of the blue spectrum are known as cool colours, and include blue, purple, and green. While these colours generally calm a person, in some, they can also bring out feelings of sadness or indifference.

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holi colours
Each colour in the colour wheel has a significance. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

“Colours have meaning for people based on their individual experiences – it could be upbringing, early experiences, or memories. That’s why everyone has different favourite colours. Typically, when they wear it, it makes them feel confident before an exam or interview, or sometimes, they wear it because they are going with friends, and they want to enjoy. Colour-based processes are also used in art-based therapy – these therapists use sketching, colouring, or painting, also as a form of intervention, which can be used in the case of children. It could also be used as a tool to tackle emotional issues,” shares Dr Samir Parikh, renowned psychiatrist, with HealthShots.

How colours influence our lives

As per several research studies, colours can have an impact on our memory, and even our libido. Yes, women find prospects more interesting, if they turn up in red. Moreover, painting the walls of your house in different, vibrant shades helps to uplift the mood, and also improves your relationship with family members.

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That’s not all — scientists have also found out that bright blue light may help reset your circadian rhythm, in case there are any issues with your sleep cycle.

Last but not the least, colours can also impact your energy levels!

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