Get rid of these 10 bad habits that are caused by anxiety

Don’t let your anxiety give rise to bad habits, because nothing good is going to come your way!
bad habits and anxiety
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 29 Mar 2021, 10:00 am IST
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No one wants to inculcate bad habits, but all of us end up getting a few. Have you ever wondered how these bad habits can take over your life? Well, the answer lies in your mental well-being. If you’re always stressed or anxious about certain things, then you might not realise it and eventually fall prey to these bad habits. Unfortunately, there is no easy way out of it.

In fact, you’ll be surprised to know that these habits are a clear cut sign that your mental well-being is being compromised. Over a period of time, these habits become a part of you and your body language. Unfortunately, it also does not leave a great impression on the people who interact with you.

We believe in being ‘safer than sorry’, and that’s why we want to help you out. Read on to know more

Here’s a list of the ten most common bad habits that are triggered by anxiety

1. Nail biting: People who are anxious or overthink are prone to this habit. Also, nail biting is not just a mental hazard but physically problematic too, as our hands become the mecca of germs.

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2. Hair pulling: Yes, some people tend to do this too. Also, it is not just the hair on their heads, but there are people who literally pull the hair on their arms, eyebrows, and even eyelashes.

3. Biting your lower lip

4. Chewing your inner cheek

5. Teeth grinding: Did you know teeth grinding is a huge health hazard? Basically, bruxism is the term used for grinding the teeth. It usually occurs at night for most people. Actually, your lower jaw is connected to your skull through a joint called temporomandibular.

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When you grind your teeth, the tension created in this joint can trigger a headache. Apart from morning headaches, you might also feel tightness in your jaw when you wake up.

6. Itching: This is not normal itching, but an intense kind, when people end up scratching themselves.

7. Fidgeting: You must have heard the term ‘restless leg syndrome’. Well, that’s a mental health disorder that is severe in nature. Another thing is fidgeting is a sign of a hyperactive brain i.e. when there are too many thoughts that are running inside your head.

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This can at times lead to confusion and dizziness. A lot of energy is consumed during the process of fidgeting, and that’s why people usually feel fatigued.

8. Jaw clenching

9. Binge eating: Eating disorders have a strong link with your mental health. Also, when you eat without being mindful, it has a worse impact on your mental well-being. And without a doubt, it will have physical implications as well.

That’s why people with mental health disorders and anxiety tend to gain weight, have high cholesterol levels, and other lifestyle diseases.

10. Procrastinating: This habit is the ultimate killer of your productivity. In this situation, you are well-aware of your tasks and even ready to work on things, but you feel so overwhelmed that you end up doing nothing.

But can you really get rid of these habits? The answer is YES. You can but you need to be persistent, and should work on it every second. In the beginning, you will find it hard but persistence will help you get rid of it.

So ladies, the ball is your court. Make consistent efforts and you’ll be able to kick these bad habits out of your life.

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