Covid-19 effect: Mental wellness trends that will take shape in 2022

Covid-19 has had an indelible impact on the mental health of people across age groups. An expert shares the mental wellness trends likely to take shape.
mental health in covid-19 times
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Nakshi Satra Published: 27 Jan 2022, 12:10 pm IST
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Mental wellness has been an important aspect of discussion nowadays. In the recent past, many celebrities, athletes, well-known personalities have come forward to talk about their mental health to reduce the stigma attached to it.

Although mental well-being and issues related to it are areas less talked about, it is imperative to be aware that many people are going through mental trauma, depression, anxiety, etc that they feel unable to share. Channeling one’s thoughts and understanding the deep-rooted cause behind such feelings is the first step to overcoming challenges to attain complete mental health and wellness.

Here are a few mental health and mental wellness trends that we will see shaping this year:

1. Spiritual breakthroughs

This concept will be the highlighting trend for 2022, under mental wellness! Emotional breakthrough has been a well-known term and phenomenon, but with the current advancements what we will experience in 2022 is ‘Spiritual Breakthrough’. This is a connection of the physical reality with the spiritual world. The connection of the mind and body. This holds tremendous power to further the human journey. Spiritual Breakthrough leads to progress and growth without causing excessive damage.

2. Normalize visiting a mental wellness professional:

The times have gone, when one could help themselves out or simply find a solution by talking to friends, travelling, immersing in work or continuing to bury their emotions deep down. The pandemic has played a critical role in bringing out all your buried feelings. Thereby, creating a dire need to visit qualified mental wellness professionals. They will help you with easy transitions, adapting to change and experiencing advancements with changing times.

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3. Customized approach

Technology will play an important role here, as one size fits all approach is a failed model in mental wellness. Technology can allow customization and give out a plan of action that best suits you. Tracking heart rate variability, pulse, sleep, food, and exercise, among other parameters, is now easily possible with the help of smart devices that give accurate results.

4. Identifying triggers

There has been a surge in unexpected, unknown and sudden panic attacks as well as stomach conditions. These are developing due to two main reasons – one, the pressures of the pandemic are resulting in too many upsetting emotions and two, your body is unable to break down emotions and process the same, just like we do with food. This can cause sudden and unknown alarming symptoms but all are psychosomatic. Hence, the key would be learning how to identify your triggers!

5. Discovering trauma bonded relationships

Having spent a lot more time together, with years of relationships/marriage or even budding ones are discovering trauma bonds. Trauma bonded relationships are the ones that may look and feel very aligned with likes/dislikes or life goals on the surface level. However, due to emotional traumas being exploded on one another (which may involve gaslighting), it might lead to feelings of emotional toxicity that comes along with control and authority issues.

mental health issues in kids
Schools may start taking mental health more seriously! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

6. Courses introduced at school levels

Mindfulness practices will make us more actively aware of ourselves and our environment. Schools need to modify their education system and start focusing on the mental health of the students as well. Practices that ensure Mental Wellness should be promoted and taught to young minds.

7. Holistic approach

The mind, body and soul concept is ancient but still finds its true form and relevance this year onwards. They make the agents of change. Adapting to change is the biggest challenge and only one aspect is not enough to build health and immunity. A holistic approach will open doors to reversing dis-ease, ageing, stuck situations and much more. Nutrition, food and fitness are not enough because the root cause lies in the mind and soul and now requires an entire spectrum of the mind, body, soul holistic approach.

The way forward

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a mental health crisis among students and working professionals in India due to lockdown restrictions, increasing numbers of coronavirus cases, financial difficulties, etc. It has led to high degrees of fear, anxiety, and depression among people. In these unprecedented times, we must continue to prioritize helping individuals deal with the mental health challenges during this pandemic.

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