Benefits of Chakrasana: Boost your confidence by learning to hone this Yoga asana

Welcome balance, positivity and confidence in your body with yoga. Learn how you yoga can help boost your confidence levels!
Yoga asanas to boost confidence
Boost your confidence by learning to hone these Yoga asanas. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock
Purvi Kalra Published: 25 Mar 2023, 11:30 am IST
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Yoga is known around the world as one of the most powerful tools to bring harmony to a person’s body, mind, and spirit. It channelises the energy inside the human body and balances the chemicals that lie within it. It requires efforts to hone yoga asanas to an extent that you start performing them the right way. However, when you work consistently and steadily, yoga can instil discipline in you. One of the most tedious poses is Chakrasana, but if you invest your energy in trying to master it, you’ll end up gaining a lot of confidence.

Recently, Shynee Narang, a certified yoga instructor, took to her social media to share how the process of honing Chakrasana is linked with boosted confidence levels. Understand how you can perform yoga for confidence.

Master Chakrasana to boost your confidence

Narang says, “Chakrasana is one such pose which was extremely difficult for me. So, I decided to do a lot of preparation and drills, instead of trying to achieve the pose. Slowly, my body became stronger, and daily practice gave me a lot of confidence. The day I did the pose for the first time, my confidence level increased significantly. And, it started to reflect in all spheres of my life, while talking to people, during negotiations, and even in my work. Earlier I used to feel powerless in a difficult situation, but now I have the confidence to deal with that, and it all became possible because of yoga.”

We only face low confidence levels in life when we feel we aren’t capable enough to win in a situation. Similarly, yoga is one such practice in which certain asanas challenge the capabilities of our body, and provoke us to push our limits. Initially, it might seem intimidating, however, with time, when you start performing the yoga poses right, you naturally start feeling more in power, which helps raise your confidence.

5 yoga poses to instil confidence and balance within you

Yoga is more about bringing your body, mind, and focus back to the present moment with slow but deep breathing as you perform. Apart from Chakrasana, other poses can also help cultivate balance and confidence in you. Here are some of the best yoga poses to boost your confidence levels:

1. Mountain pose

Mountain pose is a simple standing posture that allows you the time to become aware of your emotions, thoughts, and sensations in the body as you kick-start your daily practice. Going upwards from the soles of your feet, try breathing awareness to every part of your body with your eyes shut. You can also pick up any mantra that you can repeat to yourself as you breathe.

yoga for confidence
Perform yoga and hone its poses to boost your confidence levels and invite positivity into your life. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

2. Heart opener

Heart openers help release any tension in the shoulders and upper back, by forming space in the front of the chest, allowing love and openness to cultivate within your soul. Alongside this, it can also help your body let go of stress or restless feelings.

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3. Warrior pose

As the name suggests, this expansive and strengthening posture enables your body to get used to the space around you and live in it with confidence. Ease out your breath and shoulders as you stretch.

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4. Tree pose

Stand tall and confident like a tree in this fun and balanced posture. You can play around with this by using your free leg in different variations to expand your limits.

5. Supine bound angle

This simple pose allows more openness in the body. To perform this, you may lie down by keeping one hand on the chest and the other on the belly. Let the soles of your feet join together with your knees on either side. Breathe slowly, allowing yourself to enjoy the softness of your body as you relax.

Doing these yoga poses may help boost confidence levels and bring your body’s focus to the present.

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