Best singing bowls for healing: 6 top picks for meditation

If you want to level up your meditation journey and achieve inner peace, try the best singing bowls and heal your soul.
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Use the best singing bowls during meditation. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Published: 7 Feb 2024, 05:45 pm IST
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Meditation is not as easy as it looks. But to avail the health benefits of meditation, everyone must include this ancient practice in their self-healing journey. This transformative practice has been helping people achieve inner peace and improve their overall well being for centuries. Rooted in various spiritual traditions, meditation helps you to be more mindful about yourself, your habits and the surroundings. Whether you’re beginners or have been meditating for years, motivation is the one thing that will help you keep going. Besides the inner calling, some of the most effective meditation tools like singing bowls can also encourage you to embark on this journey. We have curated a list of the best singing bowls that you must try to get the benefits of sound healing.

What are singing bowls?

Singing bowls or Tibetan singing bowls originate from the Himalayan regions. This meditation tool was traditionally used in religious ceremonies, meditation rituals and sound healing practices. These bowls are generally made of metals such as copper, zinc, iron, silver and gold and come in varied shapes and sizes. This instrument produces enchanting tones that directly connect with the body, mind and promote a state of relaxation. The therapeutic benefits of singing bowls include stress reduction, pain relief, healing, enhanced emotional well being and mindfulness.

6 best singing bowls for healing

If you are looking for the best meditation tools, check out this list of the singing bowls for healing and start your spiritual journey.

1. Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

This singing bowl for meditation from Silent Mind is made with bronze material. The brand claims that the bowl is 100 percent Nepalese hand-made, which reflects an authentic and artisanal creation. This singing bowl for beginners promises to make your meditation journey joyful and easy. It comes with a double-ended grip striker to produce calming tones. Adding to that, the set also features an embroidered secure cushion, which is especially designed for stability. So, bring this singing bowl and experience the joy of soothing tones for deep connection.

2. Himalayan Bazaar Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

If you are looking for the best singing bowls in India, try this one from Himalayan Bazaar. This hand-crafted singing bowl comes with a hand-sewn silk cushion and a wooden mallet. It helps produce soothing tones that creates a calming effect and helps you achieve inner peace.

3. Relaehih 2 Pack Tibetan Singing Bowls Set

Are you looking for the right singing bowls for anxiety and healing? It looks like you have reached your destination as these singing bowls are especially designed to calm your mind and soul. This healing tool includes a meditation bowl, one hand-sewed ring cushion, one striker, an inspirational card and a gift box. Upon striking this singing bowl, a natural sound emerges that gives deep relaxation. It helps enhance your yoga, meditation, praying and chakra healing journey.

4. Healing Waves Tibetan Singing Bowl

The Healing Waves claims that its Tibetan singing bowl can improve mindfulness and concentration. This meditation tool produces calming and soothing sounds that promote stress reduction. Suitable for all age groups, it contributes to balance, alignment and relaxation. This bowl comes in a beautifully designed box that includes 7 chakra tumble stones, crystal necklace, rose quartz pendulum pendant, a dual surface mallet, and a hand-sewn cushion. Using the sound healing technique can help you remove chakra blockages, improves sleep, supports energy cleansing and promotes healing.

5. ESPLANADE Singing Bowl

Include this prayer instrument in your meditation from ESPLANADE and improve your inner peace. This Tibetan Buddhist instrument comes with a striker stick that not only enhances your meditation journey but also adds to the ambience of your room. It creates calming, peaceful, harmonic and soothing sounds that are pleasant and promote relaxation.

6. CVNC 8 Inch F Note Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

The CVNC 8 Inch F Note Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl comes with a crystal singing bowl, a mallet and a high-quality rubber O-ring. The brand claims that this singing bowl is produced by high purity quartz crystal that makes a more powerful sound. Knock the bowl gently and improve your meditation journey, balance your chakras, release pressure and enhance your yogic practices.

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What are the benefits of singing bowls?

  • Singing bowls induce a deep sense of relaxation. The gentle vibration and soothing tones enhance calmness, reduce stress and anxiety.
  • This tool is widely used in meditation practices to improve concentration and mindfulness. The repetitive sounds help the mind to enter a meditative state, facilitate inner exploration and improve deeper awareness about the present moment.
  • It also helps balance the flow of energy within the body. The vibrations produced by the bowls supports chakra healing, promotes harmony and overall well being.
  • The bowl creates calming and soothing effects which improves cognitive functions.
  • It creates a peaceful environment that promotes relaxation and helps improve focus.
  • Sound therapists also use this tool in sound therapy as the vibrating tones produced by the bowl promote healing.

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