Best essential oil diffusers: 6 top picks to reduce anxiety and stress

Essential oils can help you reduce stress and relax your restless mind. So, check out the top essential oil diffusers to achieve inner calm.
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Use the top essential oil diffusers and achieve inner peace. Image courtesy: Adobe Stock.
Tanya Shree Updated: 1 Mar 2024, 06:10 pm IST
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With this hectic lifestyle, it’s no surprise that most of us often forget to pay attention to self-care. The overwhelming pressure of career, future and family responsibilities can often leave us feeling restless, which can be a sign of anxiety. From sleepless nights to inability to concentrate, anxiety can significantly impact our daily life. Apart from seeking professional help, aromatherapy has been proven to be a helpful way to improve your mind, body and spirit’s overall health. This healing treatment uses essential oils to help you get freedom from a restless mind and achieve inner calmness. To improve the effectiveness of aromatherapy, using the best essential oil diffusers can be helpful as it can create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Check out this list of the best essential oil diffusers for home to enhance the aesthetics, decor and aura of your place.

Top 6 essential oil diffusers

Apart from the physical benefits, essential oils can help you reduce stress and restore inner peace. If you also want to experience the benefits of aromatherapy, try the best essential oil diffusers in India and start your self-care journey:

1. ASAKUKI 300ml Essential Oil Diffuser

This 5-in-1 aroma essential oil diffuser from ASAKUKI comes with a large 300ml water tank, seven different LED light colours, multiple mist nebuliser modes and a safety auto-switch. Along with providing aromatherapy benefits, it also works as a humidifier, which helps improve the quality of your home’s air and atmosphere. It is made from ultra-high grade safe and eco-friendly material, which makes it a wise choice. Its low mist mode helps you get a peaceful sleep, on the other hand, you can use the high mist mode during your workout sessions.

2. SHIVANSH TECHNOLOGY Multipurpose Essential Electric Camphor Aroma Oil Diffuser

Try this electric essential oil diffuser from SHIVANSH TECHNOLOGY. You can use this multipurpose product for burning a camphor, essential oils and create a pleasant environment at your home. This product features auto-switch mode, temperature protection, cool light, power saving mode, and electrical fuse protection. It comes with shockproof design and helps you elevate your home’s aesthetics.

3. Allin Exporters Aromatherapy Diffuser

The Allin Exporters Aromatherapy Diffuser is manufactured using premium quality Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. It comes with a 100 ml water tank to produce dry and cool mist for up to 4 hours. This diffuser helps you create a soothing atmosphere in your home with its seven colour changing LED lights. Besides its aromatherapy benefits, it also adds grace and elegance to the interiors of your home.

4. Kampes Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser

The Kampes Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser comes with advanced remote technology, which can help produce more mist and operate the device from a longer distance. The brand claims that the product comes with a 1 year warranty. Ideal for creating a calm environment, this diffuser can run continuously for 8 to 10 hours. It is designed with a water-less auto-off function, which will turn off automatically when it runs out of water.

5. Pure Aroma Wooden Cool Mist Humidifiers Essential Oil Diffuser

If you are looking for essential oil diffusers for stress, try this wooden diffuser from Pure Aroma. It features anion and timing functions. This diffuser can run up to 4 hours and comes with seven coloured LEDs for a soothing atmosphere. It is built with ultrasonic technology that allows you to work or sleep peacefully without getting disturbed by it.

6. BOHOFAM Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

The BOHOFAM Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser helps you create a light luxury home atmosphere. It comes with a remote control feature, which helps you operate it from a distance. Additionally, this diffuser has a warm and blue night light and an open tank with a capacity of storing 360ml water. Bring this essential oil diffuser to your home and achieve inner peace.

How to use essential oil diffuser

To maximise the benefits of aromatherapy, you must know the right way to use the oil diffusers:

  • Read the manual of the diffuser and understand the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Most of the diffusers come with a water tank. So, fill it with water because it acts as a carrier for the essential oils.
  • Next, add a few drops of essential oil in the diffuser and adjust it as per your requirement.
  • Now, turn on the diffuser as per the instruction manual and adjust the settings according to your needs.
  • Place the diffuser in a centre location for an even distribution of the essential oils.

Benefits of essential oil diffusers

A better understanding of the benefits of aroma diffuser can help you avail the maximum advantages of aromatherapy:

  • Diffusing essential oils like lavender and chamomile with aroma diffusers can help you reduce stress, anxiety and create a peaceful environment.
  • A quality sleep helps you improve your body and mind’s health. And these diffusers help create a serene atmosphere, which promotes better sleep quality.
  • Essential oils can elevate your mood. So diffusing it in your home can uplift your spirit, increase your energy level and create a positive atmosphere.
  • Essential oils can improve respiratory health and diffusing it can provide you relief from nasal congestion and ease breathing issues.
  • Diffusing essential oils can help you experience the power of aromatherapy, which can improve your emotional well-being.
  • Essential oils are infused with the goodness of active ingredients that contain cognitive-boosting properties. Diffusing these oils can improve your focus, concentration, and mental clarity.

How to choose the right oil diffuser?

Choosing the right oil diffusers are important for enjoying a soothing and aromatic atmosphere in your home or workspace.

  • Types of oil diffusers: A better understanding of different types of oil diffusers can help you choose the one that suits your needs. Opt ultrasonic diffusers if you want to break down essential oils into micro-particles and disperse them into the air. Go for nebulising diffusers to disperse essential oils without the requirement of water or heat. You can even opt for heat diffusers to evaporate the oils and release their aroma into the air.
  • Consider your room size: Another important factor to consider while choosing an oil diffuser is the room size. Large rooms require more powerful diffusers to effectively disperse the aroma.
  • Pay attention to the runtime: Check the runtime of the diffuser and evaluate if it aligns with your needs. Some diffusers can run for only a few hours, while others can work effectively for 8-10 hours or more.
  • Noise level: Opt for a quiet diffuser to enjoy an aromatic environment without getting disturbed by the noise of the machine.
  • Design and aesthetics: Oil diffusers come in different designs, styles and materials. So, choose the one that complements the aesthetics of your space.
  • Additional features: Choose the one that comes with additional features like LED lights, timer settings and automatic shut-off functions.

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