Anshula Kapoor’s latest post is a lesson in body positivity you must not miss

After years of being "ashamed" of her body, Anshula Kapoor says she has finally started embraced it. This post on body positivity is a MUST read!
Anshula Kapoor on body positivity
Anshula Kapoor opens up about overcoming body image issues. Image courtesy: Anshula Kapoor/ Instagram
Team Health Shots Published: 9 Jan 2022, 04:57 pm IST
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In Covid-19 times, you can look at isolation in two ways. Either you can find it boring, or use the time for self-reflection. Entrepreneur Anshula Kapoor, daughter of producer Boney Kapoor and sister of actor Arjun Kapoor, has used her recovery period to indulge in affirmations that every woman who has dealt with body image issues, must tell herself. It’s a lesson in body positivity that you must learn from!

While Arjun has been open about his battle with obesity and fat-shaming, Anshula poured her heart out in a heart-warming Instagram post ahead of the weekend. Her journey from dealing with body issues to embracing it for what it is – is food for thought, really.

Come, let’s find out what Anshula says!

Anshula Kapoor opens up about body positivity

While sharing a poem by Hollie Holden on the need for a body to be loved, Anshula shared a picture of herself – unfiltered, just like her body positivity post.

The accompanying caption detailed Anshula’s own journey of loving her body.

“Dark circles. Stretch marks. Cellulite. Soft belly. Loose skin. Love handles. White hair. Wrinkles… I’m learning to love it all,” writes Anshula, before going into how her body has helped her “survive 30 years”.

“She’s helped me heal, she’s helped me breathe, she’s helped me show love and receive love. She’s helped me live through grief, pain, joy and everything in between. She’s been with me through emotional eating food binges and she’s also survived through every fad diet I’ve put her through,” adds Anshula, who runs a fundraising platform.

Your body is your temple

Acknowledging how the body has helped her fight through nights of insomnia, she also praised it for helping her experience happiness in several little and big ways.

Praising the capabilities of her body, Anshula writes, “She’s fought her way back from every physical and mental setback. She’s literally a visual depiction of my life so far, and I am grateful for her in more ways than I can count. She has expanded with and shrunk with me so that she could accommodate everything I was going through mentally and physically.”

And for all this and more, Anshula feels, “The least I can do is appreciate her in all her glory, her good parts and bad. So even on the days I get frustrated with her limitations, I’m going to continue to love her.”

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Take a look at Anshula’s post here!

Self love and body positivity may be a fairly new journey for Anshula, but she knows it is going to be a road she will take for the rest of her life.

“I’ve gone through years of being ashamed of her and I’ve neglected her, but I’m trying to be done with that and show her grace and kindness and respect. Because even though I am MORE than just my body, in so many ways she is what makes me, ME,” the young and bright Kapoor girl writes.

Arjun Kapoor gives a thumbs up to Anshula’s body positivity post

Anshula’s post was lauded by her brother Arjun, and a host of family members, friends and social media followers.

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Arjun lauds Anshula's post on body positivity
Siblings Arjun Kapoor and Anshula Kapoor. Image courtesy: Anshula Kapoor/ Instagram

Body positivity is a subject that celebrities around the world have been talking about more than ever before. The social media world has also opened the doors for celebs to reveal their real self – sometimes with freckles, sometimes with stretch marks, sometimes with wrinkles, and even post baby fat. And you know what, it’s okay!

As Anshula rightly says, your body is a part of all the crests and troughs that life takes you through. The least you can do it, is love it!

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