Feeling SAD? Here are 7 signs of seasonal affective disorder to look out for

Seasonal affective disorder is characterised as a mood disorder that occurs at the same time during every year when there is less sunlight. These are the 7 signs of it you must look out for.

seasonal affective disorder
If this winter feels gloomier than usual, then you could be a victim of sad. Image courtesy: Shutterstock
Shreya Gupta Published on: 18 November 2020, 18:03 pm IST
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The winter season is here and so is the gloomy weather. No matter how much you might love winter—at some point, you are bound to feel down and out as the grim weather, short days, and low sunlight does affect your mood. While feeling low once in a while is normal, if you tend to feel like all winter-long then watch out, as it can be a sign of a seasonal affective disorder. 

Seasonal affective disorder or SAD lasts only for a season or two but it can be as traumatising as depression. If you feel that you have a case of SAD, then fretting about it won’t help. What you need to do is educate yourself and be aware of the seven signs of seasonal affective disorder

1. You experience sudden mood changes

One of the most prominent signs of SAD is stark changes in mood and behaviour. This happens more during the winter, as compared to the summer. You might also feel more lethargic or withdrawn from work even if you are an outgoing person! So, if you notice any of these changes it is time to see a doctor.

2. You feel irritated all the time

While many people experience mood swings, some tend to feel irritated, frustrated and impatient all the time. If you are experiencing irritability even in the smallest of the things, the watch out as it can be a symptom of SAD.

3. You are always low in energy

If you always feel like lying down and getting out of bed seems difficult come winter, then chances are you are a victim of seasonal affective disorder.

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4. You don’t feel like socialising off late

Just like how depression makes you anti-social of sorts, SAD does the same. When you are affected by seasonal affective disorder, you don’t feel like talking to your friends, mingling with people, or going out.

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5. You are facing troubles sleeping

Since daylight hours are fewer in the winter months, your biological rhythm and bio clock get disrupted as well. This can wreak havoc on your sleep cycle. You might experience difficulties in falling asleep and waking up. This is a clear sign that something is not right and you must take professional help.

6. You have been feeling more anxious

When you have SAD, you might feel increased anxiety and stress. If you have been feeling more stressed out or anxious lately, do consult a mental health professional.

7. You are gaining weight

While you can gain weight for various other reasons come winter, but if you have noticed a sudden weight gain and change in eating habits then be cautious. People afflicted with SAD often tend to eat more.

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