Anxiety can make you believe these 7 lies. Here’s how you can deal with it

Don’t fall into the trap of anxiety, because it will keep telling you certain lies that don’t even exist. Read on to know more about how you can handle this.
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Nikita Bhardwaj Published: 29 Apr 2021, 12:03 pm IST
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There is nothing wrong in being anxious. In fact, every single person feels anxious, at some point or the other. For some of us, the situation gets out of hand, when our anxiety levels start to touch the roof, but we get accustomed to it. That’s exactly where the problem lies, because ladies, anxiety is a liar and makes you believe stuff that doesn’t even exist. 

Anxiety is like an uninvited guest; it comes in without caution and makes its way into the subconscious part of your brain. What’s rather alarming is that it can make even the most calm person lose sight of reality. It colours your judgment and makes you look at everything through a negative eye. If you’ve experienced anxiety in the past or are experiencing it now, you must know all about the lies it keeps feeding you. 

Ready to find out?

Here are seven lies anxiety tells you every single day
1. You aren’t good enough or you are not good for anything

It is anyway hard to maintain self-confidence, whilst fighting an internal battle with your brain. Add to that, anxiety tries to unflinchingly convince you that you aren’t of any good. It tries to convince you that you’re inefficient whether it comes to work or personal equations. It almost holds you back from living your best life, where you go with the flow to achieve your dreams.

“Though easier said than done, just because your mind is lying to you over and over again, doesn’t make it true. That’s because you are good enough!,” says Komal Mishra, counseling psychologist at Kaleidoscope.

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2. You are not likeable

The lie that you aren’t good enough is strongly associated with this one! It makes you believe that people around you just can’t tolerate you.

The nagging thought about you being weird, annoying, irritating, and worthless makes you hate yourself even more. You feel uncomfortable facing anybody, and more often than not, it affects your personal and professional life. These thoughts weigh you down so much that it’s almost impossible to shake yourself out of this trap.

It makes you conceal your real side from the world, putting undue pressure to be someone you’re not!

“So, whenever your anxiety makes you feel you’re not likeable, just buzz it off by saying “I’m a likeable person and that’s why everyone loves me”. Also, remember you have some unique qualities that no one else has. Your friends and family love you and treat you equally,” recommends Komal Mishra.

3. You are unsafe

Another negative consequence of anxiety is that it makes you believe that you’re in constant danger. No place seems to be safe and there is absolutely no solace, no matter where you go or who you speak with.

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Anxiety keeps you at the edge almost at all times, even when things aren’t too bad. You might want to rest as much as possible, but it keeps you up all night, because your mind goes on an overdrive.

But just a gentle reminder — you’re safe wherever you are and the danger is only in your head.

4. You are weak

There is a ringing narrative in your head that makes you feel weak, pathetic, and unworthy of love. The constant negative thoughts can be pretty draining,and can affect your productivity.

“Anxiety fans the belief that you are small, inconsequential, and a burden to your family and friends. But you are none of that. You are headstrong and can achieve anything you set your mind to,” advises Ms Mishra.

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5. You will end up messing up everything good in your life

Anxiety convinces you that you’re going to ruin everything that is even remotely positive in your life. If you’re romantically involved with someone, it will keep telling you how you’re going to screw it up. If you have a job, then the constant thought of getting hired, will make you fearful.

6. You won’t ever get better

As pesky as this thought could be, it almost feels real that there’s no way out of the misery. Anxiety drills this thought in your head — it makes you feel you will live like this forever and that there is no way of getting out of this situation. You may feel it’s a lost cause.

But the good news is the situation can change, if you start to believe it can.

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7. You are not a beautiful human being

Anxiety has its way of making you believe that you aren’t a good person. It fills you with self-doubt and hatred. It curbs your desire to do all that you’ve always wanted to do. This is definitely the biggest lie, because success will come your way, if you put in hard work.

Now that you know all about these lies, try and don’t let anxiety stop you from living your best life!

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