5 useful meditation tools for beginners to improve focus and comfort

New to meditation? Here are 5 recommendations regarding meditation tools for beginners to increase your concentration levels and improve your experience.
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Using meditation tools can enhance the benefits of meditation. Image courtesy: Adobe Courtesy
Radhika Bhirani Updated: 7 Jun 2023, 09:31 pm IST
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Meditation is not everyone’s cup of tea. But well, it should be, if the health benefits of meditation are anything to go by. It is a practice that has transcended decades and centuries, helping people become more mindful of themselves, their surroundings, and their habits. And you know what? It’s neither never too late to start meditation in life, nor does it need any special training. However, if you want to get started on this journey for your mental well-being, you could take the help of some useful meditation tools to ease you into this practice.

One look at anyone who meditates may make you feel it’s easy. The truth is it can be challenging. Since people have got so accustomed to the hustle and bustle of everyday life, just closing your eyes, sitting alone, and trying to focus on your breath can be difficult. The good news is that it is not impossible.

Experts may tell you that meditation is the most inexpensive way to calm and heal your mind, and may not require tools as such. But there is no harm in exploring meditation tools to buy. They may just motivate you more to do it every day!

We stumbled upon some very interesting meditation tools online to help you get used to the practice easily. Let’s tell you about them!

5 best meditation tools for beginners

1. Meditation mat and cushion

Traditionally, meditation requires you to sit in an upright position on a flat surface. A hard floor may end up making your buttocks hurt, turning meditation into a painful instead of peaceful experience for you. Enter zafu ad zabuton! While Zafu is a round or crescent-shaped comfortable pillow that helps to elevate and cushion the hips, Zabutan is a meditation mat that is soft and comfortable for long meditation sessions. These aren’t just good for posture, but can also help you create a cozy corner for your meditation practice.

2. Meditation chair

A cushioned meditation chair can make the process very comfortable for the user. If you meditate in Sukhasana, considered one of the best starting poses for the practice, you may need adequate back support for a pain-free experience. As a foldable and portable option, a meditation chair can also give you convenience. You can use it at home, or even carry it to meditation camps.

3. Guided Meditation Tools

We may find ourselves asking “how to meditate” when we are beginning the journey. Here, guided meditation can come to our rescue. It is a form of meditation that is led by an individual or through an audio or video. You would be able to learn the steps of meditation through a set of instructions. The online space has several guided meditation apps which instruct users on exercises and breathing patterns.

We found an interesting guided visual meditation tool which may especially be helpful for people who want to meditate with open eyes. Check it out!

4. Singing bowl

Sound plays an important role in meditation. For some people, meditation with music helps, while some prefer pin-drop silence to connect with their mind. There are others who can focus better with traditionally practiced sounds such as the sweet and deep tones emitted by singing bowls. As one of the most common meditation tools for beginners, these involve a metal bowl and mallet, which together create a soothing sound.

According to studies, using singing bowls can have a positive effect on managing anxiety and depression. Try these for relaxation and healing properties!

5. Meditation beads

As we mentioned earlier, meditation can be done hands-free, but some people may like to use a japamala or chain of 108 beads as they meditate. This is used as a mindfulness activity. Counting these beads can help you if you want to keep a tab on a mantra count or even help you stay focussed during meditation. They come in different styles, colours and stones.

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