New Year 2023: How to set healthy boundaries during the party season

Setting boundaries isn't as easy as it seems. However, it can aid with mood management and holiday stress during new year celebration.
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Ayushi Mathur Published: 28 Dec 2022, 08:59 am IST
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The New Year celebrations is a time that can be a lot of fun, but it can also be full of stress and anxiety. This is especially true for those who celebrate their holiday with loved ones. After all, socializing at this time of year requires a little extra effort. That’s why setting boundaries is crucial for your mental health rather than letting stress get the better of you. It can assist you in managing your holiday stress and help you enjoy the special moments.

Let’s explore how setting boundaries can help improve your mental health during this fun but hectic time of the year.

How does setting boundaries help reduce stress?

Setting boundaries is essential to your mental well-being. It’s important to practice this skill during the hectic time of the New Year as well. During this time of year, many people tend to get caught up in activities and situations that they don’t want to be part of. For example,

  • You might feel like you have no choice but to go out with friends because everyone else is doing so.
  • You might have an irresistible urge to buy gifts for loved ones even if it might be causing a dent in your bank account.
  • You might have to attend parties even when all you want to do is spend a quiet new year’s eve at home.

Here’s how to set boundaries:

1. Ask your family and friends about their plans and needs

Asking people you care about their plans and needs is a great way to understand expectations and set boundaries. Ask what they want from you, how you can help them, and how they can feel appreciated. If they don’t share these feelings with you, ask them again. This way you can avoid unnecessary stress.

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2. Be clear about what you want

Know your limits and boundaries, especially when it comes to spending time with family and loved ones. You don’t need to be rude if a situation makes you uncomfortable. Just say ‘no’! If someone asks for something that is unreasonable, take the opportunity to set an example by saying no anyway because their requests don’t fit within the boundaries of your life as a whole (and maybe even as an individual).

3. Practice saying ‘no’

The biggest mistake you can make is to give in to others. If a friend invites you over for dinner but if you don’t feel like going, tell her ‘no’—and then stick to your decision! The more practice you have with saying ‘no’, the easier it will become for situations like these one day.

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4. Don’t take on more than you can handle

There’s a fine line between taking on too much and not enough. When you are in the holiday season, it can be tempting to throw yourself into a situation or take on more than your body is capable of handling. This is especially true when you have children at home who might be excited about the festivities but need your attention as well. It’s easy for us to get swept up by our friends’ excitement and forget about ourselves!

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5. Listen to yourself

Before deciding how much work you want to put into this Christmas season, it’s crucial to pay close attention to your body. Saying ‘no’ when something is uncomfortable or physically taxing is appropriate. Don’t feel guilty about it either! You might discover that accepting invites feels like too much load for one day. This is also true if someone asks for assistance but say no and do whatever you want to.

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Don’t stress over socialising during New Year

For your emotional health and well-being during any holiday season, setting boundaries is essential. When you attempt to please everyone while putting yourself last, it’s easy for your stress levels to rise. That’s why you should have a clear sense of what it means to set boundaries. Additionally, it’s crucial to avoid taking on more than you can manage or feel comfortable with things because doing so might result in burnout. The easiest approach to hone this skill is to practice saying no when someone insists you do something you don’t want to. In this way, you’ll be able to create space in your busy schedule.



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