5 Instagram accounts to follow for inspiring advice on good mental health

Instagrammers have been contributing to diluting the stigma around mental health, but also improving it. Here are a few to follow.

Instagram mental health
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Grace Bains Published on: 20 May 2020, 18:22 pm IST
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Instagram has, over the years, become one of our favourite social media platforms. This is not just because it allows us to share photos and videos, but also because it makes us feel like an integral part of a community.

One thing Instagram has contributed to is the beginning of a social movement that is chipping away at the taboo around mental illness. It is now, more than ever before, that we hear people speaking out about mental health issues, how to cope with them, and that it is alright to reach out for help.

There are various accounts on Instagram that portray mental illness very honestly. They share art, stories, and videos to assure people all over the globe that it is possible to heal; that a bad mental health day is normal; and that we can overcome the toughest phases as long as we keep reminding ourselves of our strength.

Here are some such accounts that you must follow to get on the path to healing:

1. The Artidote (@theartidote)

Started by Jovanny Ferreyra, The Artidote community is 1.1 million strong on Instagram. The aim of building a community is clear from the bio that says, “a space where to story-tell, empathize, bond and heal through art.”

True to the bio, Jovanny takes story submissions, enables sharing contacts of good mental health therapists across the world and curates words as well as visual art that is a constant reminder that we can all overcome the tough mental phases.

2. Sheva Rajaee ( @theshrinkwrap)


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It’s so easy to look at commitment phobic or avoidant behavior and judge it as selfish or even cruel. But beneath the avoidant presentation seen in many attachment styles and in ROCD is often a deep fear of losing oneself, a fear of not being able to stay afloat while in connection to someone else. . . . Often, this fear of losing oneself developed as a result of how we were parented- perhaps a parent was overly intrusive or controlling. Perhaps it became hard to feel like we had autonomy and power growing up, and we learned to close off as a result. We might have learned that connection = engulfment, it was not to be trusted ??‍♀️ . . . Part of healing this injury is learning to trust again. Learning to trust that as an adult, you have power and you have agency, and that no relationship can trap you without you allowing it to do so. Learning to trust that not all connection leads to pain, and learning to trust that while being alone is easier, being in connection is where we learn to be truly and fully alive ✨ . . . #therapist #californiatherapist #irvineanxietytherapy #caocd #rocd #relationshipanxiety #cognitivebehavioraltherapy #erp #exposure #mindful #anxiety #anxietyhelp #anxietyquotes #quotes #change #mentalhealth #lgbtq #bfrb #socialanxiety #ocd #panicattack #panicdisorder #phobia #therapy #relationships #love #relationshiphelp

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Known as theshrinkwrap on Instagram, Sheva Rajaee’s own personal story of getting diagnosed with anxiety along with OCD, and not just overcoming it but also becoming a licensed professional, is truly inspiring.

Her account has excellent and useful content when it comes to anxiety and OCD, especially in relationships. Her posts truly speak to everyone who is going through a rather anxious phase in life.

3. Beth Brawley (@life_without_anxiety)


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Comparing our journey to the ones around us doesn’t serve us well. Comparison can so can easily invalidate our struggles and successes. Instead of comparing, we can allow ourselves to accept our current experience, validate our present emotions, celebrate our values-based decisions, and continue towards recovery. We can do this with kindness, gentleness, and compassion. . . I believe in your ability to be kind to yourself. I believe in your ability to celebrate your wins the way you would champion others’. I believe in your ability to pause and reflect on all the hard and amazing work you are doing. I believe in YOU! You got this . . #ocd #ocdrecovery #obsessivecompulsivedisorder #boundaries #anxiety #anxietydisorder #generalizedanxiety #trichotillomania #dermatillomania #bfrb #eatingdisorderrecovery #ptsd #ptsdrecovery #panicdisorder #socialanxiety #phobia #selfcare #selflove #depressionrecovery #agoraphobia #perfectionism #mindfulness #mentalhealthmatters #recovery #anxietyrecovery #selfcompassion #youareimportant #youmatter #thisisnottherapy

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Beth benefitted so much from going to a therapist that it encouraged her to take it up professionally so that she can also help others! She is currently a licensed professional counselor.

With a focus on anxiety, she uses her words and beautifully hand-written notes to keep her followers positive and reminds them daily that they can overcome anything.

4. Vanessa Rapisarda (running_in_triangles)


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#affiliatepartner I want to take a moment to talk about something that I’m very passionate about – S L E E P! ?? . Sleep deprivation has long been considered a right of passage for new parents. But it can also be seen as a punishment, as if suffering through it is what we deserve for choosing to have a baby. Furthermore, sleep deprivation is one of the most common triggers of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. . Since we’re #MakingOverMotherhood, I’ll be the first to say that new moms not only need, but deserve, the proper amount of sleep. They, like their babies, have been through something life changing and need time to adjust. . So if a mom needs to sleep train, co-sleep, hire help, or formula feed in order to skip the night shift – SUPPORT HER! Getting a baby to sleep falls into that grey area of motherhood, so don’t ever judge someone for the methods they use to avoid sleep deprivation. . And if you need help getting baby to sleep, contact my friends at @TheBabySleepSite, who helped me with my youngest just a few years ago. (Plus – use the coupon code MOM20 to get a discount on one of their VIP Membership Packages!)

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Motherhood is a beautiful experience but also an overwhelming one. Not many talk about the tough side of it but Vanessa doesn’t shy away from it. She was diagnosed with postpartum depression after her second pregnancy and the symptoms came back again after the third one. She, however, fought through all of it and came out of it smiling.

Many moms, especially new ones, find her content to be extremely relatable and reassuring of their own motherhood abilities as they navigate their way into the world of parenting.

5. Dr. Colleen Reichmann (@drcolleenreichmann)

Colleen is currently a licensed clinical psychologist and specializes in cases of eating disorders. She, too, has battled one and is now combining her professional education along with her personal experience to help people who have a bittersweet relationship with their bodies.

Following her will help you love your own body and if you put her advice to practice, you will find yourself building a healthy relationship with your food as well as yourself.

These accounts can serve as daily reminders that you can overcome anything! For more such content, stay tuned to HealthShots.

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